*Gross proceeds amount of previous Reg CF offerings. This includes offerings conducted on different terms from the current offering. Please see the offering document for additional information.

MAGFAST LLC [1] is a direct-to-consumer electronics company. We design and manufacture chargers, charging accessories, and charging-enabled luggage: A family of premium charging products that snap together magnetically, charge wirelessly, and support any smartphone, any tablet, any reader from any brand... old, new or in the future. A growing range of accessories that start with the last charging cable you’ll ever need. And an extraordinary new family of premium suitcases that integrate MAGFAST’s advanced chargers to keep your devices powered up while you’re on the move.

Individually awesome, they're brilliant together.

Every one of our individual MAGFAST products is designed to compete as best in class, and to fulfill a specific need. To date, the vast majority of our customers have pre-ordered kits – either our 'Pro Kit' bundle of six chargers or our ‘Hello Kit’ bundle of three chargers, both available at a truly attractive price – or our premium Lux charging cable, America’s highest-rated USB cableᵃ. We launched Heathrow, a new range of high-end charging-integrated suitcases, at the end of March 2023. Early sales beat expectations. 

The next phase of our journey is both challenging and very promising.

The company has new opportunities and initiatives that could significantly expand sales and, potentially, establish a new global charging standard.

Deal Highlights

For a limited period from April 23 to April 29, 2024:

From April 23-April 29 only, invest $500 or more and you’ll receive a voucher for free MAGFAST products. Receive another $100 for each additional $500 you invest.

  • Two of our previous share offerings sold out, both raising the maximum permitted under Reg CF.
  • MAGFAST’s chargers and power banks are revolutionary, because they snap together magically, and charge as soon as they touch. No wires. No mess. No missing cables. They just work.
  • In 2022, we launched MAGFAST Lux — a premium charging cable with a host of unique features and built to such high standards it comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The launch took place on Indiegogo, the well-known crowdfunding platform, and was so successful that sales exceeded $900,000 in the first month. There’s more below about this amazing new addition to the MAGFAST product family.
  • In 2023, we launched MAGFAST Heathrow — luxury aluminum and polycarbonate luggage sets that pair with MAGFAST Extreme, the world’s best charger for travel. Heathrow delivers the ultimate combination of style and charging power, and sales exceeded $1 million in the first month.
  • The global market for chargers and portable power banks is worth over $20 billion, and growing fast [2]. Yet, somehow, there are no great charging brands! The market for USB cables is worth over $12 billion, and growing even faster [2.1]. And the premium luggage market is estimated to be worth a whopping $48 billion and projected to grow to $76 billion by 2033 [2.2].
  • MAGFAST has the marketing and product-design potential to become a dominant force in each of these markets, one of the first and only companies to develop a world-beating system approach to charging and travel.
  • Shipping to our many thousands of pre-order customers is constrained by funding (MAGFAST isn’t yet profitable) and by the care we take to incorporate user input. Nevertheless, things are moving fast: many thousands of customers have received their products, and thousands more will ship this year. Customers tell us they’re truly delighted.


This story begins in a home, perhaps like yours, that always seems in need of a touch more organization.

Seymour Segnit invented MAGFAST to solve a real problem: those messy, often missing and frequently broken cables that end up all over the floor or in a drawer or back pocket somewhere... but which floor, which drawer, which pocket?

On the left, two power banks and a smartphone are all charging, along with a 100W laptop-ready power source. On the right, MAGFAST Gen1 products doing the same job.

Mobile devices have become smarter and faster, and chargers have become more powerful. But the premise of charging is largely unchanged: clunky, throwaway boxes that rely on wires which , almost inevitably, break or get lost.

And then there's the opportunity cost of living without ‘everywhere charging’. Have you ever missed that all-important call or run out of juice when shooting a video of your kids or watching a favorite movie? In today's world, keeping your mobile devices charged is no longer a nice-to-have. Staying in touch for work, handling emergencies smoothly, being there for your loved ones when they need you - these are the promises of today's communications.

We knew it was time for something better.



  • Designed to be best in class for each product individually
  • A truly integrated family of charging devices and smart luggage
  • Engineered to work consistently, reliably, every time, for years to come
  • Designed in every detail to be elegant as well as functional

MAGFAST Lux, a newer member of our product family, is already Amazon’s highest-rated charging cable. Lux launched in August 2022 on Indiegogo, a leading global crowdfunding platform, and raised over $900,000 in a month.

Super premium, super stylish and super durable – and with a gorgeous, soft and silky feel – there’s a lot to love about Lux. Available as USB-C to USB-C (now standard on most modern devices) or MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning for earlier Apple devices – it comes with an array of features which make it unique, like a custom USB-A adapter, gold-plated tips and Fingerprint® anti-counterfeit technology.

Lux’s Teflon® core makes it so tough that it comes with a Lifetime Warranty... which is why Lux could be the last charging cable you’ll ever buy.

MAGFAST Pro Kit is our bundle of six chargers, by far the most popular choice of our early pre-order customers. It can't absolutely guarantee you will never miss another important call, but with MAGFAST you’ll always have the mobile power you need, for work, for play, and in an emergency.

The MAGFAST family is designed for durability, to take the real knocks of real life and to last for years to come. Pro Kit will charge your older devices from the past decade and the new devices coming up for the next decade.

And MAGFAST chargers work together as a system: every charger features MAGFAST Snap-to-Charge. Through the magic of magnets, each charger or power bank connects instantly and seamlessly with every other device in the family.

No more messy wires: just drop your phone or power bank onto a MAGFAST charger and it’s charging. Immediately. Then just grab and go when you run out the door.

And now, with MAGFAST Gen2, charging is even faster and more convenient.

A brand-new range of Gen2 chargers is set to replace the current family, offering higher charging speeds, higher capacity and a wide range of new features.

With MAGFAST in your home, your car, your office and your backpack, you're all set.

Individually, each product is designed to be best in class. As a family, nothing else comes close.

MAGFAST Heathrow, launched in March 2023, is our newest product line. A family of luxury luggage, Heathrow combines supreme style with consummate capability.

The Heathrow Pro range of suitcases is sculpted from a strong, lightweight aircraft-grade anodized aluminum-magnesium alloy, corrugated for extra durability. Corners are triple layered and quad riveted.

Every Heathrow case has a custom lasered nameplate and vegan-leather handles on the outside. On the inside, a sleek designer liner and dual premium stowage chambers with mesh pockets for airflow.

The superstrong, supersmooth spinner wheels and handsome handles are travel tough for the bumps and knocks of all your upcoming trips - and easily repaired or replaced.

Every Heathrow luggage set includes the eCarry-On, MAGFAST’s radical solution for power on the move. eCarry-On’s unique, patent-pending Safe Enclave™ holds your Extreme power bank securely out of harm’s way, and keeps it instantly, always available for charging, or airport security.

The available Toughcover™ snaps onto Extreme for great looks and even greater protection.

Heathrow Go, MAGFAST’s newest product line, adds these best-in-class premium features in beautiful, durable recycled polycarbonate, available in five colors.

Business Model

In official business-speak, our business model is DTC: direct to consumer.

We find our customers directly - through online advertising and a long-form presentation that explains the product range - and then nurture everyone who chooses to become part of the family.

We attract potential customers in three different but complementary ways, through:

  • Online advertising and a long-form presentation that introduces the full MAGFAST product range.
  • Online advertising and an invitation to purchase or pre-order products from
  • Amazon: currently featuring Lux – Amazon’s highest-rated charging cable. We plan to introduce more products from the range over time.

However people may choose to transact with MAGFAST, we’re committed to nurturing everyone who chooses to become part of the family.

Through regular communication, integrated snap-to-charge products and the announcement of new products and new markets, we believe excellent growth is possible, with strong levels of repeat business and a lifetime value per customer perhaps 2-3X the initial order value.

As explained in the sections below, MAGFAST expects to add:

MAGFAST has a slate of exciting but still top-secret designs. Expect to see product launches in the coming years to a large and growing existing customer base.

The MAGFAST family of chargers and power banks takes advantage of the very latest Qi wireless technology to offer a unique system of charging solutions. However, our homes and workplaces are still full of older devices that don’t incorporate wireless charging … and we try to keep them powered with cheap, nasty cables that constantly fail.

And so MAGFAST developed Lux! A super quality, super elegant, super strong charging cable, with a gorgeous, soft and silky feel, it's a world away from the poor quality, unreliable charging cables you’ve been using for years. It’s so well made, it comes with a Lifetime Warranty... which is why we say it’s the only charging cable you’ll ever buy.

It’s available in two formats: USB-C to USB-C (USB-C is now standard on most modern devices) and USB-C to Lightning for earlier Apple devices — and comes with an array of features below which make Lux cables genuinely unique, like a custom USB-A adapter, gold-plated tips and Fingerprint® anti-counterfeit technology.

We believe that, with Lux, we’ve built the finest device-charging cables that money can buy.


The charger market is big. Very big.

While analysts don’t all agree on quite how big, they do agree that the market is huge and growing fast. For example, in a report published by IMARC Group, the global battery charger market reached a value of US$ 21.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach US$ 34.1 billion by 2026. The wireless charger segment alone is estimated to have breakneck annual growth of up to 25% [2].

And, unlike most mature consumer markets, there are really no great charger brands.

Competitors include Belkin, Anker, Aukey, Mophie, RAVPower, Duracell, iClever, EasyAcc, Samsung, Xiaomi, Monoprice. Lesser-known (in the U.S. and elsewhere) brands include Aibocn, Boscov, Bestek, Yoobao, iMuto, Maxxima, Moshi, Native Union, Nimble [3]. The market is highly fragmented, with no large companies primarily dedicated to charging, and several smaller companies jockeying to differentiate themselves based on minor feature differences (improved build quality, marginally larger batteries, slightly faster charging times, etc).

To our knowledge, no other charger company yet offers an integrated system of products that all work seamlessly together, or any equivalent to snap-to-charge. MAGFAST’s product range and business model are designed to be considerably more ‘sticky’ than competitive chargers and power banks.

And we believe that no other charger brand has the vision or marketing skill to launch unique, premium charging products that can integrate across markets, from charging cables to power banks to travel goods, and have the potential to dominate in each sector.

To our knowledge, no-one else is playing in the ‘ecosystem’ segment we’ve created. It won’t last forever, but we have a distinct first-mover advantage.

We expect repeat orders and a strong lifetime customer value for these reasons:

  • Products that work together as a system provide an excellent incentive to buy additional units in the same family of devices.
  • MAGFAST is one of the first companies in the space to adopt the ‘direct-to-consumer’ (DTC) model comprehensively. This gives us the advantage of a much closer relationship with prospects and customers: we typically communicate on a weekly or monthly basis about progress, special offers and new opportunities.

Now we are shipping products from our range, we are able to take a major slice of this substantial and highly lucrative market. This is particularly true as those products have been receiving positive feedback from customers and journalists. However, we need to expand our ability to both manufacture and ship additional products within our range, as rapidly as possible, and this is a primary reason why we seek investment capital. We believe an improved cash position will arm us with negotiating power to cut the cost of goods, speed development and engineering, and to invest in inventory – major direct impacts on our competitive positioning and market share.


The company has made major progress in the following areas:

  • Product development: many thousands of pre-order customers have now received products and we willramp shipping as rapidly as we can.
  • Marketing: our customer acquisition model, as evidenced by millions in pre-orders, is comprehensively proven
  • Operations: our systems are built to scale
  • Intellectual property: the founder has developed a robust portfolio of patents and trademarks

We’re changing our approach to product development with the goal of bringing more of the design and engineering under our direct control, and in house where possible.

While product engineering for the original product family took much longer than expected, our new product ranges (Lux and Heathrow) have shipped on schedule or close to schedule. We expect the new development approach to be significantly more predictable. There are brand-new products in the pipeline, which will be available for purchase only once development is completed.

Production status [4] is regularly updated at

It’s a core competency for MAGFAST. A small team is led by the company’s CEO, a gifted online marketing expert. MAGFAST marketing has been 100% online, primarily in the form of targeted ads on Facebook and YouTube. A sophisticated marketing funnel, built over five years by an in-house team in collaboration with experienced external agencies, is monitored and refined constantly.

New online ads are made and released regularly and tested in different market segments; each month’s learning is fed into new creative, constantly refining format, benefits and content. Ad respondents typically attend a webinar offering pre-order pricing. Show interest by registering for an online event or other promotional activity and you become part of the MAGFAST marketing ecosystem. A program of customer relationship marketing kicks in to provide information and guidance to purchase.

MAGFAST’s direct-to-consumer model affords us a much closer relationship to prospects and customers than traditional consumer electronics manufacturers.

Additionally, we have long been planning a move into wholesale and retail distribution of our products, participation in trade shows and other in-person events. We are actively developing a plan to launch these ‘bricks-and-mortar’ activities, with a preliminary focus on the Heathrow luggage range. This move takes MAGFAST into the hybrid field of bricks-and-clicks marketing.

Given the importance of direct customer relationships, we expect to see MAGFAST Fingerprint®, a fast method of identifying and registering each item sold via its serial number, becoming an increasingly important tool for connecting with customers.

The company has been based since inception on a virtual workforce, with team members working remotely in the U.S. and other countries, and a comprehensive suite of online technologies designed to scale. has been built to handle high traffic volumes reliably and fast.

All pages of the site are cached on Google’s Cloud Platform which can serve millions of users simultaneously, and the event experience and checkout process (a customized experience for every visitor) use JavaScript to offload the bulk of the computing to the visitor’s browser. Remember, our systems handled $1/4 million in under 15 minutes on the very first day MAGFAST was launched...

At MAGFAST, we think a little differently. We hired Sanja, a former lawyer, for customer care because at her interview she aced the question ‘What’s customer care all about?’ with the one word answer: ‘Serotonin’. Customer care has been under pressure recently because of slow product delivery, a challenge we are working proactively to address. Keeping our customers happy is crucial, and up to 9/10 are sticking with us on this long development journey.

MAGFAST is laser focused on customer care as a key part of building long-term relationships with a large and growing group of prospects and customers. Notably, customer-care volume increased because of production challenges. We've devoted a big slice of our time to figuring out how to keep customers happy without draining cash: our team has developed “Intelligent Customer Care” that allows us to keep a big-hearted personal touch while cutting the time it takes to answer every support ticket. We are working to accelerate support responses through the introduction of high-quality artificial intelligence (AI) designed to offer a first tier of response. “Maggie”, our AI chatbot, is already available for real-time answers to questions in webinars, and next steps include rollout to customer-care agents and customers. Our customer-care team is also geographically distributed around the globe to enable near round-the-clock capability.

The growing portfolio of patents and trademarks relating to the MAGFAST product range is used by the company under terms that include exclusive, royalty-free license from the inventor, Seymour Segnit. According to the terms of the license agreement, title to the licensed materials is automatically assigned to the new controlling entity in the event of a change of control.

We project significant growth through repeat orders from existing customers, the development of new markets, and the launch of major new initiatives. Current and future activities include:

  • A follow-up campaign shortly after initial inquiry recalls features and benefits for prospects who did not purchase.
  • Ongoing communications allow MAGFAST to build its relationship with customers, cover product and production updates, and make special offers.
  • The release of brand-new products featuring snap-to-charge.
  • The release of international variants allowing us to address markets in the EU, UK, Asia and beyond.

A new Gen2 connector and new partners potentially bring additional large-scale opportunities:

  • Patent-pending fast charging (possibly 10X faster than current wireless chargers) which could leapfrog all existing wireless charging standards while remaining backwards compatible.
  • Proof of presence and highly secure, instant access to services including wi-fi, without the need to log in.
  • The development of an advanced home, commercial and public-charging network based on these new technologies - an open network that could potentially undercut and outperform existing methods of on-the-move charging.

*Note: These are illustrative examples of implementations for MAGFAST’s proposed high-speed charging network. No partnerships currently exist with Starbucks, Virgin or any other third party.

Product Range


Lux reinvents the charging cable. Super premium, and with a gorgeous, silky feel, its teflon® core is immensely tough, which allows us to offer a Lifetime Warranty... We believe it’s the best device charging cable money can buy.

  • Available in two formats – USB-C to USB-C (the new modern standard) and USB-C to Apple Lightning
  • A beautifully designed custom USB-A adapter tip included FREE – so they’ll work perfectly with all new AND old outlets everywhere
  • Tested to destruction – Lux cables are certified to 25,000 bends
  • Not just strong but super strong – capable of supporting a load of over 150lb
  • All the speed you’ll need – download an HD movie in about 30 seconds
  • Patent-pending, gold-flash gold-plated tips for the ultimate connection
  • Our Fingerprint® anti-counterfeit technology to ensure authenticity
  • Customers love Lux! At 4.7-4.9/5 on Amazon, it’s America’s highest-rated USB cable.

Two new versions of Lux are in the final stages of development, and Lux will be repositioned as Lux Classic:

  • Lux Classic: USB 2.0, 480 Mbps, 60W (USB-C and Lightning)
  • Lux Pro: USB 3.2, 10 Gbps, 100W (USB-C) - available in five colors
  • Lux Ultra: USB4, 40 Gbps, 240W (USB-C)


Life is your palm-sized powerhouse

  • The perfect everyday charger, Life packs two to four full smartphone charges
  • High-performance charging, wired or wireless
  • Perfect with all your devices — any phone, any tablet, any reader... from any brand, old or new
  • Gen2 high-speed version planned

MAGFAST Extreme™

Extreme is a super-charger in a league of its own

  • Enough power to keep your devices going for days
  • A power bank with three Qi Wireless charging zones
  • Six ways to get power out, four ways to get power in
  • Powerful with all your devices, it’s also powerful with all your vehicles...
  • ...add the available Jumpers™ and it can jump-start your car! 
  • Gen2 high-speed version planned


Air is your simple, gorgeous Qi Wireless charging stand

  • Qi-certified to work perfectly with every modern smartphone
  • Snaps instantly on to any other MAGFAST charger for power...
  • ...or just plug in a USB-C 
  • The innovative stand stores magnetically on the back...
  • ...and snaps sturdily onto the base when you need it. 
  • Gen2 high-speed version planned

MAGFAST Heathrow®

Heathrow shows you’ve arrived when you’re still on your way.

  • Heathrow: Lightweight, durable premium luggage sets in two finishes:
  • Heathrow Pro: Anodized aluminum-magnesium alloy shell
  • Heathrow Go: Polycarbonate in five stunning colors

Heathrow features:

  • Power-on-the-go provided by Extreme, the ultimate charger for travel
  • Superior interior with dual chambers, mesh pockets, custom shoe/laundry bags
  • Secret tracker compartment holds Apple AirTag, Tile, etc - any tracker, any brand
  • Rubber-lined 360-degree ball-bearing spinner wheels are silent and smooth-rolling
  • Carry-On dual TSA-approved combination locks; Medium and Large triple locks
  • Handles and wheels are both strong... and easy to repair or replace
  • Corners are triple-layered and quad-riveted
  • Lasered nameplate. You’ll choose up to 30 characters to personalize yours.


Seymour Segnit
Founder & CEO
Controlling Member of Manager - Mischievous LLC
Seymour is MAGFAST’s founder, chief product architect and passionate CEO. Now a leading authority on internet marketing, Seymour builds the customer experience and drives down risk to deliver 'The best work of my life'.

He studied engineering at Oxford University, and his long career has included stints at Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi, presenting his own show at London’s biggest radio station and co-founder of a venture-backed Silicon Valley startup. He served in the same capacity at thingCHARGER Inc, another USB charger company, from Dec 2013 to Aug 2016.

Seymour has served with MAGFAST LLC since its inception, and is a controlling member of manager - Mischievous LLC.

Amy Rau Segnit
Co-Founder & Secretary
Controlling Member of Manager - Mischievous LLC
Amy has been Seymour’s partner, in both business and life, for over a decade, lending her unique creative abilities to everything from branding to social media campaigns to product packaging.

Her strong creative work helps MAGFAST stand out from the crowd. Among earlier clients, Amy counts corporations like Barnes & Noble College Bookstore and Businessweek, plus many of the world’s leading ad agencies including Jack Morton Worldwide, Young & Rubicam and TBWA/Chiat Day. Amy served as co-founder and creative director at thingCHARGER Inc, another USB charger company, from Dec 2013 to Aug 2016.

Amy has served with MAGFAST LLC since its inception, and is a controlling member of manager - Mischievous LLC.

Rex Northen
Investment Strategy
Rex leads MAGFAST’s investment strategy and advises on customer development. He has helped launch and run more startups than most of us will meet in 20 lifetimes. After graduating from Oxford, his first software company attracted clients like Body Shop, Honda, Lloyds of London and Shell. In Silicon Valley, he was CEO of Bizfinity, a ground-breaking online financial platform.

Rex has been managing member of Merexa LLC, an online publishing company, since Jul 2005, and served as executive director of the Cleantech Open from Jan 2009 to Dec 2014. The Cleantech Open is the world’s largest accelerator for clean-technology startups. M.A. (University of Oxford).

Anita Vargas
Financial Consultant
Anita has been business coach, advisor and analyst to small and medium-sized companies for over 20 years. She is an expert in general business practices, performance analytics, pricing strategy, business modeling and collaboration with legal, tax and labor compliance entities. Anita has extensive experience in accounting systems, internal auditing support, and data integration in global business environments.

Afroz Nissar
Shipping & Fulfillment
Afroz turns marketing magic into technical wizardry. He ensures our email marketing and our website are as reliable as they are alluring. He’s spent the last 15 years developing skills as a business consultant, marketing technologist and programmer, consulting with some of the biggest companies and personalities in the world, ranging from thingCHARGER, Tony Robbins and JJ Virgin, all the way to the gargantuan China Railway Corporation.

Eric Kinney
Head of Interface
Eric is the engineering talent behind our website and shopping cart - he's the reason the experience is so smooth and seamless. He has been galvanizing digital startups since 2005, in various capacities (employee, consultant, adviser, mentor) with stints at Speedilicious, Sundial Time Systems, Access Communications and Cascade Software Consulting.

Jimy Johny
IT Infrastructure
Jimy (pronounced ‘Jimmy’, in spite of all appearances) keeps our servers up, and our downtime down. In our world, that’s crucial. He’s an expert in Linux, AWS Cloud and Windows administration, and he’s worked for small companies and big ones like RevenueMed, XMinds Infotech and Vanilla Networks, providing data center management, remote server admin and Linux/Windows and Hardware LAN management.

Kate Kinard
Project Manager
Kate is a remarkable member of MAGFAST family and works to keep the company’s organization at its highest standards. Since graduating from Texas A&M University in 2015, MAGFAST is Kate’s second startup.

Mayleen Torres-Rivera
Bookkeeper & Analyst
Mayleen is our steady hand on the numbers. She has been in the accounting field for over 25 years and is a long-standing member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. Mayleen’s long experience in both professional and manufacturing bookkeeping mean she’s the perfect person to handle the complexities of manufacturing accounting.
Peter Hoppenfeld
General Counsel
Peter is MAGFAST’s general counsel. He knows the team and the MAGFAST products, and we're overjoyed to have him on our team and ‘on our side’. He has been described as a “lawyer who really understands marketing” and “a marketer who happens to be a lawyer.” As a lawyer, advisor, counselor, friend and devil’s advocate, he aims to integrate himself into his clients’ inner circles and provide caring yet dynamic contributions to their lives and businesses.

Sanja Cebalovic Bodonji
Head of Customer Care
Sanja is a beloved member and head of MAGFAST’s customer support team.

In addition to providing personal assistance via email and live chat, Sanja manages our payment plan program and complex data-driven projects. Sanja’s law degree and nine years of working expertise in the legal system allow her to provide valuable new perspectives to MAGFAST’s development. An entrepreneur at heart with a passion for startups, Sanja's enthusiasm and effervescence have made her a perfect match for MAGFAST’s vision.

Steve Barns
Intellectual Property Counsel
Steve protects the founders' intellectual property. He's worked with MAGFAST since Seymour first dreamed up the product range. He founded the law office of Stephen W. Barns (formerly Miller & Barns) and specializes, among other things, in consumer electronics. He has worked as a patent examiner in full-service patent law firms – he’s the perfect person to help us ringfence our innovative crown jewels.

Jeff Moore
Principal, Moore Impact
Jeff Moore is a business strategist, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor. He helps business owners who are stuck to transform themselves and their companies.

He built a financial software development company to serve clients like Barclays, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and UBS. In addition to large-scale software development, Jeff helps these organizations with business strategy, sales process, and client experience.

Jeff has served on the New York Board of Entrepreneur’s Organization and is certified Gazelles, Outhinker and Book Yourself Solid coach.

Information for Investors

Here’s some material we think you’ll find useful as you consider an investment [6] in MAGFAST LLC [7].

Investor Video Presentation

This is our video announcement about this offering, which includes some of our latest strategic thinking and future opportunities, including opportunities for the new MAGFAST Gen2 connector and setting up an account at Netcapital.

Here's a transcript of the presentation.


[a] There are at least hundreds of USB cables on Amazon, the primary US marketplace. We have researched and monitored this over many weeks, and don't see any other USB cable selling in any meaningful volume that rate as highly as MAGFAST Lux.

[b] MAGFAST limited-edition products are manufactured to order in different series. Some investors and collectors may be interested in acquiring more than one series, or the complete set. Series 1 Limited-Edition MAGFAST Air is manufactured in alpine white. Series 2 Limited-Edition MAGFAST Air is manufactured in piano black.

[1] MAGFAST® and the MAGFAST® logo are registered trademarks of Mischievous LLC and are used under license. Apple, Lightning and MFi are trademarks of Apple, Inc. and are used by license under Made for Apple/MFi program. Qi is a trademark of the Wireless Power Consortium and is used under license. {{9}}AirTag is a trademark of Apple Inc.Tile is a trademark of Tile, Inc.

[2] A recent report by IMARC Group, titled 'Battery Charger Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2020 - 2026', finds that the global battery charger market reached a value of US $21.7 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach US $34.1 billion by 2026. According to MarketsandMarkets Research, the market for wireless chargers is expected to grow even more rapidly and is expected to reach $13.4 billion by 2026, rising at a compound annual rate of 24.6%.

[2.1] In their report titled ‘USB Cable Market ... : Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2021-2031,’ Allied Market Research considers that ‘The global USB cable market was valued at $12.73 billion in 2021, and is projected to reach $69.86 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 20.24% from 2022 to 2031.’

[2.2] Prudour indicates in their research report titled ‘Global Premium Luggage Market Research Report 2022 (Status and Outlook)’ that ‘The Premium Luggage Market is estimated to be USD 48.55 Billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 76.8 Billion by 2033, growing at a CAGR of 7.4%.’

[3] This is a cross sample of competitors from our own observations and represented in market research published by third parties. Competitors vary by region.

[4] At this early manufacturing stage, our full family of products may be represented in our materials by production and pre-production units, along with hand-made prototypes, animations and CAD 3D renderings.

[5] Amy and Seymour Segnit were previously the owners of thingCHARGER, Inc. which shipped over 1⁄4 million units of thingCHARGERs based on that company’s records, before thingCHARGER, Inc. ran out of funds. MAGFAST Wall is an updated version of thingCHARGER. Rights to key thingCHARGER assets were purchased by Amy and Seymour when they started MAGFAST.

[6] If you choose to make your investment using a credit card, Netcapital will charge you a card processing fee that’s typically slightly more than 3%. Netcapital can answer your questions about this fee.

[7] MAGFAST is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). LLCs have considerable flexibility in the language used to define their ownership and governance. Instead of 'members' and 'units', MAGFAST has chosen to use terminology that we believe is more readily understood: for example, managing members may be referenced in our materials as MAGFAST’s board of directors, and members as stockholders.

Use of Proceeds

If the offering's maximum amount of $4,500,001 is raised:

UseValue% of Proceeds
Manufacturing, Materials & Fulfillment$2,279,50150.7%
Sales, General & Administrative$850,00018.9%
Product Certification$20,0000.4%
Research & Development$1,000,00022.2%
Intermediary fees$220,5004.9%


This is an offering of Common Units, under registration exemption 4(a)(6), in MAGFAST LLC. This offering must raise at least $10,000 by May 17, 2024 at 10:59pm ET. If this offering doesn’t reach its target, then your money will be refunded. MAGFAST may issue additional securities to raise up to $4,500,001, the offering’s maximum.

If the offering is successful at raising the maximum amount, then the company’s implied valuation after the offering (sometimes called its post-money valuation) will be:

2,837,931 units
$15.77 per unit
$44,754,172implied valuation


These financial statements have been audited by an independent Certified Public Accountant.

SEC Filings

The Offering Statement is a formal description of the company and this transaction. It’s filed with the SEC to comply with the requirements of exemption 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act of 1933.

We’re also required to share links to each of the SEC filings related to this offering with investors.

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  • Jul 5, 2024
  • May 18, 2024
    Primary offering finalized, selling 83,116 units
    Sold 83,116 units at $15.77 for a total of $1,310,739.32
  • May 9, 2024
  • Apr 30, 2024
    Closing ceremonies encore presentation...

    Closing ceremonies encore presentation underway. Please join us - last opportunity to invest!
  • Apr 30, 2024
    MAGFAST closing ceremonies encore presentation...

    MAGFAST closing ceremonies encore presentation is now underway.

    If you missed the livestream earlier today, please join us at:

    Over $1 million now raised. Investment closes tonight at midnight Eastern.
  • Apr 30, 2024
  • Apr 25, 2024
  • Apr 23, 2024
  • Apr 22, 2024
    Primary offering of 285,352 units at $15.77
  • May 2, 2023
    Primary offering finalized, selling 100,012 units
    Sold 100,012 units at $15.77 for a total of $1,577,189.24
    See offering
  • Feb 16, 2023
    MAGFAST is live with some gorgeous, unique...

    MAGFAST is live with some gorgeous, unique bonuses available only for a limited time. There’s a replay of last Thursday’s special announcement event, plus downloads and more - all details on this special concierge page for you:
  • Nov 24, 2022
    The countdown clock is running. MAGFAST's fall...

    The countdown clock is running. MAGFAST’s fall 2022 offering opens in just a few minutes at 9am Pacific, 12 noon Eastern today.

    This will be the last chance to invest before some major initiatives next year, and the only time we’re offering the Limited Edition Persian Red Lux cable as a bonus to everyone who invests over $500.
  • Nov 22, 2022
    Seymour has landed at JFK and is right now...

    Seymour has landed at JFK and is right now dashing back to our secret HQ to prepare for this afternoon’s LIVE Q&A.

    Countless thousands of folks have been looking over the opportunity to invest. Join us live today at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific for answers to your top questions. More details on the MAGFAST Investor Concierge Page:
  • Nov 22, 2022
    Join us **this Thursday, Thanksgiving Day...

    Join us this Thursday, Thanksgiving Day 2022, for a special date.

    MAGFAST will open on Thanksgiving Day for investments at 9am Pacific, 12 noon Eastern. Previous offerings have sold out. This is the last opportunity invest in the company before a major new launch on March 30th next year and before we start our marketing strategy to scale with Lux, the gorgeous, silky, tough new teflon-infused charging cable that introduces the MAGFAST-family lineup.

    Whether you’re new to MAGFAST or you’re one of thousands who have already invested, you’re invited to join us on this journey. Find out more in this short video from MAGFAST’s CEO on the road in Austin, take the time to review our investor packet, and look out for more details in the coming days.
  • Nov 17, 2022
    Primary offering of 212,428 units at $15.77
  • Nov 8, 2022
    Annual Report posted to website
  • Jul 12, 2022
    A quick reminder that our big Summer 2020 event...

    A quick reminder that our big Summer 2020 event is next week - Thursday July 21st at 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern.

    LET THERE BE LUX is a must-see event for you and all MAGFAST investors because having announcedLUX (our important new premium fast-charging cable) back in April, we’re already ready to launch.

    Please join us - over 7,500 folks are already registered to attend - as we think you’ll be excited both by what you see and hear - and by a new way that everyone in our MAGFAST community can participate in and amplify the launch.

    This is an important moment for your company and we’d love you to be there:

    Register NowLTBL Let There Be Lux Logo on White.png
  • May 3, 2022
    Primary offering finalized, selling 14,533 units
    Sold 14,533 units at $15.17 for a total of $220,465.61
    See offering
  • May 3, 2022
    We're down to the last few hours, and MAGFAST's...

    We’re down to the last few hours, and MAGFAST’s offering looks increasingly likely to sell out tonight. This is your last chance to invest at this price.

    We’re honoring ALL the perks today. Click for more details and your chance to invest: just three hours to go, and less than 1% of the offering still available.

    LAST CHANCE to invest in this offering
  • May 2, 2022
    MAGFAST has now raised over $4.9M. Less than 2%...

    MAGFAST has now raised over $4.9M. Less than 2% of the offering now remain! Just a few hours left to make an investment if you’re enthused by this exciting startup that’s changing charging for good.

    MAGFAST - last 2% available for investment tonight
  • Apr 30, 2022
    Primary offering finalized, selling 329,307 units
    Sold 329,307 units at $15.17 for a total of $4,995,587.19
    See offering
  • Apr 29, 2022
    Just a few hours from now we'll be streaming...

    Just a few hours from now we’ll be streaming live and I hope you’ll join us to celebrate a remarkable week. MAGFAST’s offering closes this afternoon - now over $4.5M invested.

    You could be one of 10 attendees to whom we gift 10,000 MAGFAST Club Rewards Points live during the stream.

    So join us, please, this afternoon - Friday 29th April - at 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern:

    Join Us Live Today
  • Dec 2, 2021
    This is it! The final hour to invest in...

    This is it!

    The final hour to invest in MAGFAST.

    We’re streaming our ‘Closing Ceremony LIVE’ right now at

    Come meet our team, some customers and early users PLUS investors sharing why they decided to jump in and invest in MAGFAST.

    Whether or not MAGFAST is right for you as an investment, please come help us celebrate, right now …

    Join the Final Hour as MAGFAST Streams LIVE
  • Dec 2, 2021
    We just went LIVE with our 'Closing Ceremony'...

    We just went LIVE with our ‘Closing Ceremony’ Livestream.

    Please join us as we celebrate this amazing raise together.

    CEO Seymour Segnit and Co-Host Kate Kinard will be joined by members of the team, investors and special guests around the country.

    We’re even giving away six of our premium ‘Hello Kits’ - a $447 value each - six chances to win just for showing up and checking in.

    It’s all happening at non-stop from now until 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern.

    Whether or not you decided to invest in this round, please come help us celebrate and see where we land in the final moments!

    Join us LIVE now
  • Dec 2, 2021
    Today is the final day to **invest in...

    Today is the final day to invest in MAGFAST.

    It’s likely the Netcapital servers will be busy in the final hours, so please jump in now if you’d like to invest in this round.

    And whether or not you will - please join us from 1-4 Pacific = 4-7 Eastern this afternoon as we celebrate the final hours of this extraordinary $3million+ raise.

    You’ll hear from our team, users AND from folks who invested last year (and a tough year it has been) so you can see whether they feel good about their decision!

    We’ll send you a note as we’re starting - but the whole thing will be at

  • Nov 30, 2021
    Just TWO days remain to invest in...

    Just TWO days remain to invest in MAGFAST.

    This Giving Tuesday we’re excited to announce that thanks to the thousands of investors who’ve brought us to our interim goal of $3million…

    Today MAGFAST is donating a further 30,000 Trees

    … though our partners at Trees for the Future. That will bring us to > 533,000 trees – an astonishing total.

    AND NOW we’re pledging 10,000 trees for every further $100k we raise in this round.

    If you’ve already invested, thank you for making this possible.

    And if you’ve not yet invested… please join us and help change charging for good.

  • Nov 29, 2021
    Today we're announcing that we're now...

    Today we’re announcing that we’re now commissioning Limited Edition manufacturing runs of both our Life and Extreme charger models.

    And a special set of all three together… in a Limited Edition MAGFAST Hello Kit.

    Invest $5k+ in total by Thursday 7pm and receive a Limited Edition MAGFAST Hello Kit, consisting of Numbered, Limited Editions of each of Life, Extreme & Air.

    Invest $3k+ and receive a Limited Edition MAGFAST Extreme, $2k+ a Limited Edition MAGFAST Life and $1k+ for a Limited Edition MAGFAST Air.

    (These apply to your total investments in this round when we close).

  • Nov 27, 2021
    I hope you're having a relaxing weekend. I...

    I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend.

    I must admit to having taken just a few hours off for family and turkey and feeling extremely glad I did!

    No big updates today. Thanks to thousands of regular folks our investment offering has now raised $2.75 million. It is open for just another 5 days… until Thursday Dec 2nd at 7pm EST

    Today I just wanted to remind you that:

    Kate and I will be live-streaming the final hours online on Thursday and would love you to join us please.

    “Invest in MAGFAST - Closing Ceremony LIVE” streams at 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern this Thursday Dec 2nd at

    Add MAGFAST Closing Ceremony to Google Calendar
  • Nov 10, 2021
    Primary offering of 329,597 units at $15.17
  • Nov 10, 2021
    Primary offering of 329,597 units at $15.17
  • Dec 17, 2020
    Primary offering finalized, selling 105,145 units
    Sold 105,145 units at $10 for a total of $1,051,450
    See offering
  • Nov 25, 2020
    Primary offering of 107,000 units at $10

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