Introducing Netcapital

Take control of your fundraising.

Whether you’re a small business, startup or an investor, Netcapital can help you connect with people who might help you achieve your goals.

Good investments may return more than just capital

Investing in a promising early-stage business can sometimes be about nurturing and cultivating an idea that could be both beneficial and rewarding.
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How does Netcapital work?

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    Creating an offering is quick and easy

    Our listing process is transparent and objective. If you have a well-formed business, sufficient pitch materials, ordered financial statements, and meet legal requirements, you can apply to list your offering on our site.
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    Investors are welcome in all shapes and sizes

    Investing in a startup or small business can sometimes be about about supporting an entrepreneur that you believe in or an idea that you want to exist.
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    Connecting investors to opportunities

    Our goal is to have a rising tide of investable opportunities, and we want to provide a place for each investor to find deals that excite them.

Keep in mind

Review other disclosures and rules

Investing in startups and small businesses may be getting easier

Whether you’re supporting a family member, a friend, or an idea, Netcapital streamlines the process of investing in early-stage companies.
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