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Court Innovations

MJ, JJ, Saaed, Tracy, and Mike are making it easier to handle court matters without going to a courtroom—and that saves money and speeds things up for the courts, too.

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  • Online case resolution
  • University of Michigan IP
  • More than 10k cases resolved
  • $500k raise
  • Ends March 13, 2017


Ron, Cherian, Mir, Liza, Amman, and Joel are helping those with sport-focused lives achieve greater heights.

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  • Chat site in beta
  • 3 business units
  • $100k raise
  • Ends May 1, 2017


Herb, Chet, and Naga are building the first real-time insurance information sharing platform for people who know the tedium of insurance paperwork.

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  • Insurance app
  • More than 17k policies delivered
  • $100k raise
  • Ends April 9, 2017

Master Renovations

Jim and Daniel are renovating condos in Florida to provide affordable housing for Baby Boomers.

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  • 40 years of experience
  • Broward and Palm Beach
  • $350k raise
  • Ends May 25, 2017

There’s more to come. In January, 24 companies started preparing an offering on Netcapital.

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