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Atmos Digital

Atmos has assembled an exciting team to bring mature Internet of Things (IoT) technology to people's spaces, solving the biggest problems in the fast moving IoT industry: Monetization, simplicity and Blockchain-readiness.

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  • $100k raise
  • Ends March 13, 2018


Michael and his team want to incentivize people to lead more active lives. Employers subscribe to CARROT, which uses a game-like mobile app interface to provide financial rewards to active employees. Participation and engagement are off the charts: CARROT creates three times the engagement at less than one-sixth the cost of traditional programs.

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  • 60k-plus paid users
  • Experienced team
  • $700k raise
  • Ends April 2, 2018

Charlotte's Closet

Jen dreaded the idea of buying dresses for her daughter when she knew they'd only be worn once. So she founded Charlotte's Closet, the first-to-market site where teens can rent designer dresses. Jen is on a mission to empower young women to rock their most important occasions in designer looks at an affordable price.

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  • Over 200k users
  • Female founder
  • $1M raise
  • Ends February 28, 2018


Matt, John and Danny want people to help people explore underwater on a budget. They developed a modular underwater drone controlled by an iPhone app. With hundreds of units pre-ordered, Matt and his team are raising capital to produce their drones at a scale that can keep up with their demand.

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  • Techstars company
  • Drones
  • $1.1M raise
  • Ends April 2, 2018

Gamify, Inc.

Alex, Erik and Katrina want to bridge the disconnect between doctors and patients of brain injury, with an initial focus on concussions and real-time monitoring of recovery using a mobile video game with embedded assessment tools. They started out by innovating the outdated tools and techniques that were created a half century ago, when science knew very little about brain function. Now, imagine a future in which playing a video game on your mobile device actually advances clinical science in real life.

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  • $105k raise
  • Ends April 14, 2018


Olivier and his team are using technology and data analytics to improve real estate. They built Home61, a tech-powered brokerage that provides powerful, data-drive tools to real estate agents and their clients.

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  • SaaS
  • 44MM in sales
  • $2M raise
  • Ends April 16, 2018


Kevin, Mark, and Dipali are building Icebrkr to vanquish the feelings of hopelessness and frustration commonly associated with online dating today. Using a personal artificial intelligence dating coach (think: ‘Hitch’ in your pocket), Icebrkr will not only connect users with better matches, it will provide them with on-demand expert dating advice to help them build meaningful rapport and create eye-catching profiles.

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  • $105k raise
  • Ends March 29, 2018

Leo Aerospace

Leo Aerospace is developing a rockoon: a rocket launched from a high-altitude balloon.

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  • Aerospace Tech
  • Unique Design
  • $400k raise
  • Ends April 24, 2018


Ansgar and Adam are enabling mobility manufacturers to launch shared mobility products. Movatic's software allows their manufactures to worry about growing their business instead of building the software needed to enable sharing.

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  • Doubling Revenue Every 6 Months
  • 100+ Systems on the Platform
  • Working with 10 Different Manufacturers
  • $105k raise
  • Ends April 23, 2018


Alzheimer’s disease affects at least 18 million patients worldwide. Dr. Tezapsidis and his extremely accomplished team of 20 PhDs, MDs and MBAs are developing Memtin™ to treat Leptin deficiency in Alzheimer’s patients. This Leptin product will act as a novel hormone replacement therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and as a preventative treatment for those who are at risk.

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  • 20+ patents
  • Biotech & Pharma
  • $105k raise
  • Ends February 26, 2018

Subba Media

Mark turned this bedroom blog into a platform for user-generated content about music and festivals. In just a year, Subba has published 6,500 user-generated reviews, and now works directly with the major record labels. Subba has shown success selling custom ad campaigns to a major consumer audio company, while keeping operating costs extremely low, thanks to crowd-sourced, but professionally curated content.

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  • Crowd-sourcing
  • Post-launch company
  • $1.1M raise
  • Ends April 14, 2018

Undercurrent VR

Drew and Andy made virtual reality that doesn't require googles or a headset. Instead, they use plenoptic-based cameras, like light-field photography. They're already working with educational institutions and companies to create new experiences.

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  • Virtual reality
  • Working with IBM
  • B2B SaaS
  • $100k raise
  • Ends April 19, 2018

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