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Nizar and Mansoor want people to feel good about how they’re spending each moment. So, they designed a system and set of apps to help people budget their time.

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  • Productivity
  • iPhone and Apple Watch app
  • $100k raise
  • Ends June 16, 2017


Ron, Cherian, Mir, Liza, Amman, and Joel are helping those with sport-focused lives achieve greater heights.

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  • Chat site in beta
  • 3 business units
  • $100k raise
  • Ends May 1, 2017

Master Renovations

Jim and Daniel are renovating condos in Florida to provide affordable housing for Baby Boomers.

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  • 40 years of experience
  • Broward and Palm Beach
  • $350k raise
  • Ends May 25, 2017


Joe, Petar, and Venu, made an app to help people find and buy the clothes they see. They also made the artificial intelligence that powers their new search engine.

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  • App available for Android
  • Integrated with Shopify
  • $100k raise
  • Ends May 15, 2017


Michelle, Jonathan, and Jenna, built an app to help dog-people find the best places to hang out with their dog.

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  • Pet tech
  • App available for iOS
  • Founder created
  • $400k raise
  • Ends May 8, 2017


Eric, Eric, and team are motivating sedentary people of all ages to exercise. They designed, and now sell, a virtual reality bike. They also built an arcade full of virtual sports to play.

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  • Virtual reality
  • Sold at Amazon, Target
  • Free games on Steam and PSN
  • $1M raise
  • Ends May 15, 2017

There’s more to come. In March, 68 companies started preparing an offering on Netcapital.

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