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JP and Stefan have a simple mission: empower software developers by making cloud applications effortless to deploy and manage using software containers.

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  • SaaS for cloud applications
  • 20 years of experience
  • $100k raise
  • Ends July 17, 2017


Nizar and Mansoor want people to feel good about how they’re spending each moment. So, they designed a system and set of apps to help people budget their time.

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  • Productivity
  • iPhone and Apple Watch app
  • $100k raise
  • Ends July 31, 2017


Alex, Andrew, and Dave make home improvement projects less painful by providing an expert, single point of contact to manage the whole process for you.

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  • Home improvement
  • 8x revenue growth in 8 months
  • $400k raise
  • Ends July 5, 2017


Dennis, Owen, Ignacio, Augustín and Jeremy want people to experience virtual reality together with their friends. They built a social virtual reality experience that revolves around people, music, places and experiences.

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  • Virtual reality
  • iPhone and Android app
  • $100k raise
  • Ends July 31, 2017


John, Joyce, Gabriel, and Alexandru build mobile games that people play by moving around in the real world, like Pokémon Go. Their first game pits mischievous, fruit-flinging aliens against each other to seize territories.

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  • Alternate reality
  • $100k raise
  • Ends June 30, 2017

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