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4Gen Technology Group, Inc.

There is demand in the US and overseas markets for heavy anti-tank system training devices. The TOWMATE allows soldiers to train and practice using the TOW missile system more frequently and at a drastically reduced cost. This eliminates a significant operational deficiency of numerous militaries world-wide.

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  • Veteran Owned
  • Defense Industry
  • $105k raise
  • Ends May 22, 2018

Berylline Corporation

Feel the wind on your face again! Berylline is a technology and manufacturing company specializing in small engine hybrid systems and personal transportation. Berylline’s F2A is the industry’s first Hybrid 3-Wheel Scooter targeting the leisure and local commuting market.

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  • Experienced Team
  • Mobility Innovation
  • Hybrid Technology
  • $1.7M raise
  • Ends July 16, 2018

ChoiceTrade Holdings

ChoiceTrade is a high-technology, online discount broker, ranked 4 stars by Barron’s six times. The company seeks to democratize investing by providing a low cost trading platform, with excellent service and execution.

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  • Online Broker
  • Crypto trading
  • $1.1M raise
  • Ends May 31, 2018

City Windmills, Inc.

City Windmills has the objective to become the world leader in small wind turbines for factories, office buildings and households. The path to achieve such an objective is to provide clients with a suite of windmill products which can produce energy and optionally be used for advertisement for commercial users.

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  • $100k raise
  • Ends April 30, 2018


Finnest is an app that gives parents an effective tool to teach their kids good money habits. We have found that traditional strategies often don’t work as cash gradually disappears from our financial lives and traditional banks have failed to come up with attractive replacement products. The result leaves young adults susceptible to any number of financial miscalculations and problems a few years down the road. Finnest’s banking platform is a practical education in the handling of money that offers a clear path forward to a life of financial responsibility.

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  • MassChallenge Finalist
  • B2B and B2C FinTech
  • Bank Setup established
  • $105k raise
  • Ends May 23, 2018


GoPetie is a B2B & B2C mobile platform that connects pet owners to each other, to local service providers and municipalities in a social community environment.

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  • Pets
  • B2B and B2C
  • Mobile
  • $105k raise
  • Ends May 30, 2018


Kevin and Mark are building Icebrkr to vanquish the feelings of hopelessness and frustration commonly associated with online dating today. Using a personal artificial intelligence dating coach (think: ‘Hitch’ in your pocket), Icebrkr will not only connect users with better matches, it will provide them with on-demand expert dating advice to help them build meaningful rapport and create eye-catching profiles.

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  • $105k raise
  • Ends May 1, 2018

Intrommune Therapeutics

Intrommune Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company developing a new, simple treatment for food allergies. The company’s toothpaste drug delivery platform offers an easy and safe way to retrain the immune system to reduce the risk of symptoms of food allergy, like throat swelling, stomach upset or even a life-threatening drop in blood pressure. Our first product candidate takes aim at peanut allergy. There is no FDA-approved treatment for peanut or any other food allergy.

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  • Biopharmaceutical Company
  • Allergy Treatment
  • $2M raise
  • Ends June 17, 2018

Leo Aerospace

Leo Aerospace is revolutionizing access to space. Using proprietary technology, Leo Aerospace will allow small satellite developers to launch their satellites faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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  • Aerospace Tech
  • Unique Design
  • $400k raise
  • Ends May 29, 2018

Maingear, Inc.

Maingear was founded with one mission: to build the world’s best gaming experience. With over 15 years of crafting the industry's most awarded gaming PCs, and organically growing a passionate community, MAINGEAR has established itself as a leader in the growing PC gaming industry.

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  • Custom Computers
  • Gaming
  • $7M in Revenue
  • $4M raise
  • Ends July 5, 2018


Ansgar and Adam are enabling mobility manufacturers to launch shared mobility products. Movatic's software allows their manufactures to worry about growing their business instead of building the software needed to enable sharing.

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  • Doubling Revenue Every 6 Months
  • 100+ Systems on the Platform
  • Working with 10 Different Manufacturers
  • $105k raise
  • Ends May 8, 2018


Sterilogy is a patented, body worn compact personal sanitizer system that is easy to use. It is visible to the patient and reminds healthcare workers to sanitizer if they inadvertently forget. Then, it records dispensing events instantaneously so that hospital management can view compliance data in real time. In a nutshell, it provides “Convenient Compliance”.

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  • Healthcare Tech
  • $1.6B Market
  • $1M raise
  • Ends July 15, 2018


Stodo is a hyper-local on-demand delivery service bringing the big city experience to small towns and suburbs.

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  • Delivery Service
  • Hyper Local
  • On-demand
  • $105k raise
  • Ends June 2, 2018

Subba Media

Mark turned this bedroom blog into a platform for user-generated content about music and festivals. In just a year, Subba has published 6,500 user-generated reviews, and now works directly with the major record labels. Subba has shown success selling custom ad campaigns to a major consumer audio company, while keeping operating costs extremely low, thanks to crowd-sourced, but professionally curated content.

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  • Crowd-sourcing
  • Post-launch company
  • $1.1M raise
  • Ends May 14, 2018

Undercurrent VR

Drew and Andy made virtual reality that doesn't require goggles or a headset. Instead, they use plenoptic-based cameras, like light-field photography. They're already working with educational institutions and companies to create new experiences.

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  • Virtual reality
  • Working with IBM
  • B2B SaaS
  • $100k raise
  • Ends May 8, 2018

Verdant Power Inc.

Verdant Power is helping to build sustainable communities by producing clean power and water from a new renewable energy source - underwater currents of oceans, tides, rivers, and canals.

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  • Renewable Energy
  • Government and Institutional Support
  • $1.1M raise
  • Ends June 12, 2018

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