Netcapital is the easy way to invest in private companies.

We created Netcapital to make the private capital markets work for you.

You need access to more private investments and more information to find the right opportunities. You need low investment minimums to build a well balanced, diversified portfolio. You need a pathway to liquidity for shares that have high demand.

And that is what Netcapital brings to you. With fewer companies going public, more returns staying private, and too many investors locked out, it’s the wake up call Wall Street needs.

Join the Netcapital movement and start investing in companies you believe in.

What Netcapital stands for

Making private transactions transparent and easy.

We create a secure place to transact and we provide clear information so you can make your own best investment decisions.

Closing the wealth gap in America.

One of the best ways to build wealth is by investing in new companies. For too long those opportunities have been restricted to members of a very exclusive club. Netcapital breaks down that door.

Enabling entrepreneurs and investors to work together to build value.

Open lines of communication keep investors updated and allow them to collaborate with entrepreneurs and accelerate innovation.

Giving every innovator access to funding.

By giving entrepreneurs greater access to investors, we make it possible for more businesses to get off the ground, grow, and start making things that people love.

Giving all investors—not just the connected ones—access to early-stage investments.

Low investment minimums and steady deal flows empower you to own shares in private companies you believe in.

Advisory Board

John Arsneault

Founder of T-Rex Hotdog Investments.

George Bell

Former MD General Catalyst and Former CEO Excite@Home.

David Brown

Founder and CEO of Techstars

John Fanning

Founding Chairman and CEO of napster.

Bill Harris

Founder Personal Capital, former CEO of PayPal, Intuit.

Dan Hesse

Former CEO of Sprint.

Alan Matthews

Founder of Rapid7.

Jason Robins

Co-founder and CEO of DraftKings.

Ivan Seidenberg

Former Chairman and CEO of Verizon.

Roger Servison

Former President of Strategic New Business Development for Fidelity Investments.

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