Unlocked Reality Inc.'s original offering opened on December 20, 2021 and was completed on April 8, 2022. Except for the Updates section which may contain more recent information, the information on this page was accurate as of April 8, 2022.

Unlocked Reality Inc.

Unlocked Reality Makes Virtual Reality Movement Natural & Fluid


Unlocked Reality is a virtual reality hardware accessories company focused on solving problems that Headsets, Treadmills, Slidemills, and Hand Trackers can’t solve.

Unlocked Reality Makes Virtual Reality Movement Natural & Fluid

Our team is building a solution for VR locomotion that allows users to move naturally and untethered while staying in one place.

Deal Highlights

Unlocked Reality is working to improve the entire virtual reality experience.

  • Unlocked Reality’s platform aims to transform locomotion in a virtual environment. Say goodbye to rigs, harnesses, and clunky devices as our patent pending design provides freedom in movement.
  • There is a huge demand for products that support VR, XR, AR and the metaverse. VR adoption stats for 2020 showed that there were 57.4 million VR users in the US and 90.9 million AR users, according to Finances Online.
  • Our target market of enterprise is still in very early adoption of VR products. Capgemini Research Institute’s 2018 research showed that 82% of companies that are currently in the process of implementing AR and VR solutions say the benefits are either meeting or exceeding their expectations.
  • The global augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) market is forecast to reach 30.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, rising to close to 300 billion U.S. dollars by 2024 [1]. Yet, we believe there are no great VR platforms.
  • We believe Unlocked Reality has the marketing and product-design potential to spearhead the virtual reality movement.
“What Unlocked Reality is building is something that really opens the gateway to the metaverse. Their use of maglev technology gives users this effortless, seamless but still realistic experience of walking and moving around a digital space.”
- Lori-Lee Elliott, CEO - Future sight AR


Failure of natural immersion

Even though we are surrounded by all types of evolving tech, people have still not been given the access to allow their body to freely follow where their mind wanders in VR. With the power to fully immerse minds, Unlocked Reality has the opportunity to change the world.

common failed user experiences with VR

VR headsets let you see with your eyes and hands, but how you move is still bounded & restricted. Currently, in the VR space, you have no control over your movement. In today’s landscape, common experiences include:

  • Running out of play space
  • Bumping into things
  • Motion sickness
  • Losing your sense of immersion

Although there have been attempts to give people mobility via treadmills, slide mills, & trackers, they all have fallen short of capturing true movement; this is due to the fact that your movements are being translated poorly.

Unlocked Reality is focused on providing users the ability to free the body to follow where the mind wanders.

“The ability of the platform to recognize a user's unique gait pattern and predict their movement through machine learning is a GAMECHANGER. I believe this will help customize the virtual reality therapy experience for each patient's functional ability”
- Veena Somareddy, CEO/Co-Founder of Neuro Rehab VR


Unlocked Reality VR Base Maglev Concept


  • Allow natural movement
  • Connect your body’s senses
  • Enable untethered exploration in an alternate reality
Immersion is the Gateway

We believe our patent pending method of dynamically reducing friction is unlike most other existing VR platforms. Using the platform (and shoes), we are working towards providing users the ability to move untethered as the friction keeps them in one place.

Dynamic friction reduction is achieved by controlling the users’ interaction with the ground or platform surface by physically changing their exposure to either a high or a low friction surface (dependent on the method) at specific times during a walking cycle in order to prevent the user from displacing themselves.

There are two different methods we could use to achieve this effect: An economic mechanical method that relies on ball transfer units and a much more robust method that relies on magnetic levitation. Magnetic levitation (maglev) enables an object to float above a solid surface. Ball transfer units utilize rolling friction to allow objects to slide over them fluidly.

Opportunity & Solution

Both methods are driven by machine learning. Using sensors, the algorithm can recognize:

  • User’s unique gait pattern
  • Tracks their activity
  • Accurately predicts their movement

Using this prediction we can control the system to keep in step with the user and support any users’ movement naturally.

Currently we are planning on building individual-sized platforms, but our methodologies could be scalable to platforms of any size, from personal to multiuser.

Our Competition

Unlocked Reality competition
VR Awards nominated Unlocked Reality for Rising VR Company of the year (Nov 2021).

Business Model

Unlocked Reality plans to sell directly to consumers and enterprises. We envision growing with enterprise clients through value-added resellers (VAR) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sales.

Through superior customer care, regular communication, cutting edge technology, and the announcement of new markets and new products, we believe excellent growth is possible. As the world’s technology advances, businesses begin to integrate VR to advance their work and more consumers acquire a personal VR Set, we believe the demand for true immersion, and Unlocked Reality’s platform are poised to grow.

Go To Market

Not only is the virtual reality and augmented reality market massive, but it is also going exponential.

In 2020, the global VR headset market size was valued at $7.81 Billion USD. From 2021-2028, it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.2%, according to Grand View Research.

We plan to be focusing on enterprise + consumer verticals where VR movement must be natural and fluid for a truly immersive experience.


  • Physical Rehab & Therapy
  • Enterprise Sales Training
  • Healthcare - operating room training for doctors and nurses
  • Military Simulation & Training - Army Catches RIDE to Extended Reality Future
  • Engineering - virtual inspection of critical infrastructure
  • Fitness - especially for pro/college athletes
  • Remote Live Events - Worldwide access to Concerts & Shows


  • Location-Based VR experiences (Arcades)
  • Gaming and Entertainment for home VR enthusiasts
  • Travel Experiences i.e. virtual safaris over a terrain
Enterprise and Consumer verticals

Success to Date

  • Patent Pending system and method
  • Initial investment of $110,000
  • Two maglev POCs complete
  • Prototype for UR base Econ near complete
  • Nominated for Rising VR Company of the Year (VR Awards In Nov ‘21)
  • Concluded work on our first prototype
    • Can match a similar fidelity of slide mills that already exist on the market, even with many incomplete key features
  • Second prototype underway
    • Upon completion, we plan to strive for a production-ready prototype

Company Vision

As we go forward, starting with locomotion, we plan to make a family of products to be the standard for fully immersive VR.

We are creating tools so people can have more meaningful experiences in VR and the Metaverse.

Just as we are working with the evolution of internet/web experiences through Web 2.0, we are building the building blocks for experiences with Web 3.0. VR needs tools to bring the rest of the body into Virtual Reality and those are what we intend to build.

Virtual Reality + MagLev = Next Level of the Metaverse



Akash Bellippady
Founder & CEO

Graduate of UCSC, B.S. in Bioengineering: Cognition & Perception. User experience researcher. VR enthusiast of 9 years, designing VR accessories in his free time.

Matthew Blackburn
Mechanical Engineer

Graduate of SJSU, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. The designer of all things involving physics and mechanics. Adept Maker, Workshop enthusiast.

Darren Truong
Computer Engineer

Graduate of SJSU, B.S. in Computer Engineering. The developer of embedded systems and versatile in all things programming. Mechanical keyboard enthusiast.

Aaron Wong
Software Engineer

Background in Computer Science and Graduate of UCSD, B.S. in Cognitive Science. The enthusiast and cultivator of all things Machine Learning.

Nate Ciceron
Electrical Engineer

Graduate of SJSU, B.S. in Electrical Engineering. The developer of circuitry and builder of electronics. PCB and power electronics enthusiast. Breadboard hacker.

Veena Somareddy
Advisor, CEO / Co-Founder of Neuro Rehab VR

CEO / Co-founder / CTO at NeuroRehabVR, a VR healthcare start-up building virtual/augmented reality training exercises for patients with neurological disorders. Using her many years of R&D experience she connects VR/AR and healthcare to enhance patient care and rehabilitation outcomes greatly.

Nikki Neisler
Strategic Partner

Viral Influencer Campaign Creator | Social Media Influencer 1,880,000 + | Software & Tech Startup Go To Market Expert | Vice President At Studio Intake | For more see Studiointake.com

Jack Richards
Strategic Partner

CEO of Studio Intake | B2B SaaS & Tech Startup Go To Market Expert | For more see Jackrichards.org

Steve Ardire
Advisor, AI Startup Advisor, ‘Force Multiplier’ numerous startups

AI startup advisor ‘force multiplier’ who shapes serendipity by connecting and illuminating the dots that matter leveraging deep relationship capital with recognized personal brand. Currently advises 7 AI startups in #healthcare #futureofwork, #conversationalAI #emotionAI #XR and specializes in working with underestimated early stage AI startups balancing business strategy with smart execution. For more see https://www.forcemultipliersteveardire.com

Lori-Lee Elliott
Advisor, Accelerator Mentor, Founder at Future Sight AR

Founder at Future Sight AR | Investor I Futurist | Writer | CEO Accelerator Mentor Creators and developers of Katana XR pioneering mixed reality work management solutions for construction, energy, defense and utility sectors.

Annie Eaton

Executive Producer at Amebous Labs VR game studio. and CEO at Futurus software development. Immersive content producer, specializing in engaging and interactive virtual reality and augmented reality experiences VR/AR Public Speaker, XRAtlanta Founder, Lover of all things future tech.

Engineering Team Experience Totals

3 years of machine learning, 6 years of programming experience, 4 years of mechanical design experience, 6 years of sensor usage experience, 4 years of electronics design experience, 2 years of power electronics design experience, and 3 years of UX experience design. We have also collectively completed numerous advanced robotics, electronics, and mechanical projects.


Use of Proceeds

If the offering's maximum amount of $600,000 is raised:

UseValue% of Proceeds
Employees (hiring)$275,68045.9%
Research & Development $189,42031.6%
Marketing $69,90011.7%
Administrative & Legal$35,6005.9%
Intermediary fees$29,4004.9%


This is an offering of CF Common Stock, under registration exemption 4(a)(6), in Unlocked Reality Inc.. This offering must raise at least $10,000 by April 8, 2022 at 9:59pm ET. If this offering doesn’t reach its target, then your money will be refunded. Unlocked Reality Inc. may issue additional securities to raise up to $600,000, the offering’s maximum.

If the offering is successful at raising the maximum amount, then the company’s implied valuation after the offering (sometimes called its post-money valuation) will be:

$0.60 per share
$5,400,000implied valuation

Pitch Deck


These financial statements have been reviewed by an independent Certified Public Accountant.

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  • Jul 19, 2023
    Thank you so much for all your continued...

    Thank you so much for all your continued support. We wanted to share with you that the patent we based the omnidirectional treadmill on is soon assumed to be going from “Patent Pending” to officially “Patented”. Also, we are gearing up for the launch of a other project, DIMI: the Tabletop Hologram Cube. What do you think? Respond on our discussion board: https://netcapital.com/companies/unlocked-reality/ask-a-question For my Investors, please keep a look out for a comprehensive update, directly in your email inbox, soon!

    Learn more about DIMI
  • May 11, 2022
  • Apr 9, 2022
    Primary offering finalized, selling 352,508 shares
    Sold 352,508 shares at $0.60 for a total of $211,504.80
  • Apr 8, 2022
    Only a short amount of time remains to invest...

    Only a short amount of time remains to invest in our novel technology! Join us in our journey to make virtual reality movement natural and fluid to improve the success of healthcare, job training, engineering, and national security, with over $200,000 already raised!

  • Apr 7, 2022
    With the coming close of the raise, our CEO...

    With the coming close of the raise, our CEO Akash Bellippady wants to share a few thoughts about the success of the campaign so far. Check out the linked video.

    Click here to check out the video.
  • Apr 7, 2022
    Less than 48 hours left until we close our...

    Less than 48 hours left until we close our raise! Today is the last day to invest in Unlocked Reality Inc. at just $0.60/share!

  • Apr 6, 2022
    Just a couple days left to make your...

    Just a couple days left to make your investment! Don’t miss your chance to get in on the future of virtual reality!

  • Mar 31, 2022
  • Mar 29, 2022
    Thank you to those that came out to Demo Day,...

    Thank you to those that came out to Demo Day, it was great! If you weren’t able to make it and wanted to see how it went, check out the linked video. You can hear Unlocked Reality’s CEO Akash Bellippady present between the timestamps 10:44 - 23:32 and 54:10 - 56:29.

    Watch the recorded Demo Day
  • Mar 24, 2022
    The shortcomings of other VR platforms are...

    The shortcomings of other VR platforms are hilarious and going viral - Check out our Instagram to see great clips as well as our other socials to stay updated! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unlockedreality/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/unlocked-reality Twitter: https://twitter.com/unlockedreality Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unlockedreality YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqshfssvocSzEkDuq9dC0rw

    Check us out on Instagram
  • Mar 22, 2022
    Join us for Demo Day! We taking part in...

    Join us for Demo Day! We taking part in NetCapital’s “Demo Day” happening on Tuesday, March 21st at 4PM ET / 1PM PT. It will be a great time to hear a pitch from our CEO Akash Bellippady and take part in a short live Q&A. Take part to learn more!

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  • Feb 14, 2022
    "What you may not know about Unlocked Reality"...

    “What you may not know about Unlocked Reality” - Check out the new article Netcapital published for us! It is a quick read to give you a little more insight into our story. In a condensed form, we touch on key points and provide some context behind Unlocked Reality Inc. Give it a quick read and share it with friends!

    Check out our Article - "What you may not know about Unlocked Reality"
  • Feb 4, 2022
    **We are extending the Campaign!** We have...

    We are extending the Campaign!

    We have been hearing from many of you and from future investors that you need more time. More time to bring friends in and to encourage support from your communities. So we are extending the duration of campaign to March 31st!

    If you haven’t already, don’t forget to share the campaign. Also, feel free to drop us questions, we are always happy to answer.

  • Feb 1, 2022
  • Jan 25, 2022
    Follow us on all of our social media...

    Follow us on all of our social media (@unlockedreality) for occasional updates! Our Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/unlockedreality/) has now 700+ followers (gained 200+ overnight), over 500,000+ views and 30,000+ likes! Here are our other outlets - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/unlocked-reality Twitter: https://twitter.com/unlockedreality Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unlockedreality YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqshfssvocSzEkDuq9dC0rw

  • Jan 24, 2022
    Watch a recording of our Live Q&A hosted by...

    Watch a recording of our Live Q&A hosted by Netcapital! Thank you to those who showed up and asked interesting questions.

    Watch Unlocked Reality's Recorded Q&A
  • Dec 20, 2021
    Primary offering of 1,000,000 shares at $0.60
  • Dec 20, 2021

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