A competitive investment community with simulated stock portfolios for users to share, discuss, and compete for cash & scholarships.

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We were featured on ABC, Fox, and across numerous local Chicago media outlets and received $565,000 in scholarship commitments - with $115,000 available for the 2018-2019 school year. Rapunzl has a 501(c)3 fiscal sponsorship from UrbanX Learning which allows the Company to fundraise tax-deductible scholarship prizes from financial institutions and receive a 20% management fee on scholarship funds raised.

Invest Smarter, Together

Rapunzl is a viral gamification of the stock market which blends the excitement of fantasy football with the world of investing. We allow users to follow top investors, learn from friends, and compete for prizes! Users see how their peers invest with transparent portfolios that share percentage gains and losses on investments. They explore emerging companies by industry, receive portfolio-specific insights, and curated market news.

Our earn-to-learn model allows everyone to learn about the stock market with zero-risk and huge upside. This investor community allows users to simulate a portfolio in order to:

  • Compete for prizes based on portfolio performance
  • Create fantasy investment groups with friends
  • Crowdsource investment ideas from a transparent community
  • Discover and learn from top investors

The Market & Our Product

There is already precedent for users wanting share opinions, crowdsource investment ideas, and trade stocks on mobile devices.

This past April, Rapunzl piloted a simulated investment competition for Chicago high school students with $20,000 in scholarship prizes in partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Money Smart Week, Nasdaq, and Ariel Investments. The goal was test the platform at scale, solicit user feedback to guide our design process, and establish proof-of-concept.

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Business Model

Our scholarship fundraising provides us with a low-cost marketing strategy to offer prizes similar to DraftKings and FanDuel in order to build a dedicated user base that can be monetized through affiliate marketing relationships, data sales, and premium subscriptions.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Brokerages, retail banks, and other financial institutions can market to the next generation of investors either through scholarship contributions or direct marketing partnerships to grow their client base.
  • Data Licensing: Rapunzl crowdsources sentiment by analyzing users’ portfolios. This data is valuable to proprietary trading firms which rely upon machine learning algorithms to determine sentiment from news and social media platforms.
  • Premium Subscriptions: For $5 per month, users can link live brokerage accounts, trade directly through the Rapunzl interface, and view the community’s aggregate sentiment data in order to make more informed investment decisions.

The Next 18 Months:

For the remainder of 2018, Rapunzl is conducting $10,000 scholarship competitions in the Chicago-area, preparing the platform for expansion to additional markets in 2019. In early 2019, we plan to scale the user base by leveraging our existing partnerships and offering additional scholarship competitions in different markets, including:

  • January 1st - April 26th: (Ongoing) $75,000 for high school students in Chicago’s public & charter school system
  • February 1st - Mar 31st: $100,000 for students at the 11 NESCAC Colleges to compete against each other
  • February 15 - April 15th: $25,000 for high school students in the Seattle-area
  • March 1st - April 26th: $50,000 for high school students in the Boston-area
  • March 1st - April 26th: $20,000 for high school students in the Detroit-area

Our NESCAC pilot expands our total addressable market (TAM) by proving Rapunzl’s viability at the collegiate level. This will allow us to form additional partnerships and prepare to launch regional college competitions in late 2019 and the remainder of 2020.

Our Team

Brian Curcio

Brian Curcio co-founded Rapunzl his senior year at Amherst College before graduating in 2017 with a degree in Mathematics. After spending every summer since high school interning in the financial sector, Brian found that a majority of his conversations were with friends about investments; either discussing a stock’s merit or explaining the workings of the financial system. These experiences honed a passion for promoting financial literacy and reducing the fear individuals experience with investing. Brian believes transparency on the Rapunzl platform will foster a collaborative investment experience unseen in the current marketplace. To achieve that goal, Brian acts as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer for Rapunzl, works closely with developers, and manages company initiatives as the platform continues to scale.

Myles Gage

Myles Gage is a recent graduate from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and holds a degree in Finance. Growing up in Bronzeville, on Chicago's South Side, Myles recognized the importance of financial literacy and the value of viewing the world through the lens of an investor. Myles attended an elementary school which emphasized an investment based curriculum and was hooked. He became an ambassador for financial literacy through an investment club in middle school and a second club he founded in high school. Myles works in the financial services sector in the city of Chicago and manages corporate partnerships and curriculum development, in addition to responsibilities as CFO.

Nik Ranieri

Nik Ranieri studied Economics at the University of Southern California and developed a keen interest for the intersection of economics, public policy, and promoting equitable access to the financial system. Nik plays a critical role in bridging the gap between tech and educators. He manages curriculum development and UX design in order to educate and engage our users. These efforts allow Nik to focus on his passion for minimizing disparities in access to financial and educational resources.

Caleb Shoihet

Caleb Shoihet graduated from University of Toronto in 2017 with a dual-degree in Computer Science & Acting. At the start of 2018, Caleb joined Rapunzl as a technical co-founder and assumed the role of CTO as the Company transitioned away from outsourced developers. During his time at University, Caleb helped design AI systems dealing with automated driving and facial recognition and was the lead-role in numerous University theater productions. Caleb’s experience with performance arts allows him to approach complex problems from a unique perspective. This artistic perspective - grounded in a strong technical foundation - allows Caleb to develop with Rapunzl’s user experience at the center of our iterative process.

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$10,000 minimum
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