Neurotez Inc.'s original offering opened on August 16, 2019 and was completed on June 24, 2021. Except for the Updates section which may contain more recent information, the information on this page was accurate as of June 24, 2021.

Neurotez, Inc.

Neurotez Inc. is developing a drug to treat Leptin deficiency in Alzheimer’s patients.

From the CEO

“I have personal experience on how devastating a brain disorder that changes your behavior and personality can be. My mother, who died in 2014, suffered from Alzheimer’s. My personal commitment is to develop a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, no matter what this may cost. There is no plan B.”

- Nikolaos Tezapsidis

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Alzheimer’s disease affects more than 5 million Americans and 40 million patients worldwide.

Current medications provide limited relief. Many of our competitors are focusing on removing either Abeta or tau deposits from the brain where they form plaques and tangles. None of these efforts have generated any effective drug for the last 18 years since the first anti-Abeta trial started.

The idea that Abeta and plaque do not cause Alzheimer’s is gaining momentum in the research community. We were determined to look for a different solution prior to the formation of the plaques.

Industry Snapshot

“Alzheimer’s disease market will more than double to $11.3 Billion by 2021.” GBI Research


Our novel approach focuses on Leptin, a naturally occurring human hormone associated with various metabolic effects, has a large number of receptors in memory centers of the brain.

Hippocampus (in red) responsible for memory formation, cognition and executive function is severely affected by the disease. This region is rich in Leptin receptors.

This protein is often present at decreased levels in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and cognitive deterioration in AD patients correlates strongly with a decline in circulating Leptin levels.

We are developing Memtin™ to treat Leptin deficiency in Alzheimer’s patients. This Leptin product will act as a novel hormone replacement therapy for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and/or as a preventative for those who are at risk.




Operating Team

An impressive group of exceptional individuals with deep experience and success in their respective fields in Academia (1000s of publications in Alzheimer’s) and Pharmaceutical Industry have been working together for a number of years to achieve our mission.

Nikolaos Tezapsidis
President and CEO
  • PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Sussex, UK
  • 18+ years of biomedical research
  • Two awards from the Alzheimer’s Association
Wes Ashford
Chief Medical Officer
  • MD and PhD in Neuroscience from UCLA
  • 100+ publications on Alzheimer’s disease
  • Senior Research Scientist at the Stanford/VA Aging Clinical Research Center and Alzheimer’s Center
George Perry
Chief Science Officer
  • PhD in Marine Biology from Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  • 1,000+ publications on Alzheimer's disease
  • Semmes Foundation Endowed Chair in Neurobiology at the University of Texas at San Antonio
Hamish McArthur
Chief Manufacturing Officer
  • PhD in Microbial Biochemistry at University of Cambridge
  • 33 years of drug development experience at Pfizer
  • 50+ publications and patents
Jukka Karjalainen
  • 25+ years of pharma experience in US, Canada, and Europe
  • Authored 55 original publications in top-rated international medical journals
  • Member of International Science Advisory Board
Jane Johnston
VP Operations
  • PhD in Biochemistry from Imperial College
  • 18+ years of research experience in neural repair and cellular imaging
  • Principal Investigator for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Michael Hoy
Consultant in Regulatory Affairs
  • MS in Clinical Pharmacology from Thomas Jefferson University
  • Extensive experience in early phase clinical development, regulatory affairs, and life-cycle management
  • Worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Wyeth, and Johnson & Johnson
Bob Oliver
  • MBA in Marketing from the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University
  • President and CEO of Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.
  • VP and Global Business Manager for Oncology at Wyeth
James Harris
acting CFO
  • MBA in Finance from Long Island University
  • CEO of Healthcare Economics LLC
  • VP at Dragon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Thomas J. Humphries
  • 36 years of experience in Pharma and Biotech
  • 225+ papers published
  • Retired as a Colonel after 26 years in the Navy and Airforce

Memtin™ Development Timeline

Previous Funding

Total = $4.5M

  • National Institutes of Health
  • IRS Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project grant
  • New Jersey Commission of Science and Technology

Pitch Deck

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Use of Proceeds

To be used for General Corporate purposes including legal, accounting, marketing, and salary expenses.

If the offering's maximum Reg CF allocation of $500,000 is raised:

UseValue% of Proceeds
Manufactuirng and IND-enabling studies for Leptin product$200,00040.0%
Phase 1A/1B clinical trials$200,00040.0%
Personnel costs$25,5005.1%
Debt repayment$50,00010.0%
Intermediary fees$24,5004.9%

If the offering's maximum amount of $2,500,000 across Reg. CF and Reg. D is raised:

UseValue% of Proceeds
Manufactuirng and IND-enabling studies for Leptin product$200,0008.0%
Phase 1A/1B clinical trials$2,102,00084.1%
Personnel costs$25,5001.0%
Debt repayment$50,0002.0%
Intermediary fees$122,5004.9%


This is a side-by-side offering of Common Stock, under registration exemptions 4(a)(6) and 506(c), in Neurotez Inc.. Up to $500,000 may be raised under the 4(a)(6) exemption. Netcapital will determine which exemption applies to your investment and notify you before you complete your investment.

The amount raised under the two exemptions must total at least $10,000 by June 24, 2021 at 12:59am ET. If the total doesn’t reach its target, then your money will be refunded. Neurotez Inc. may issue additional securities to raise up to $2,500,000, the offering’s maximum.

If the side-by-side offering is successful at raising the maximum amount, then the company’s implied valuation after the offering (sometimes called its post-money valuation) will be:

$2 per share
$24,544,690implied valuation

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These financial statements have been reviewed by an independent Certified Public Accountant.

SEC Filings

The Offering Statement is a formal description of the company and this transaction. It’s filed with the SEC to comply with the requirements of exemptions 4(a)(6) and 506(c) of the Securities Act of 1933. Similar information is sometimes offered in a Private Placement Memorandum for 506(c) offerings.

We’re also required to share links to each of the SEC filings related to this side-by-side offering with investors.

Understand the Risks

Be sure to understand the risks of this type of investment. No regulatory body (not the SEC, not any state regulator) has passed upon the merits of or given its approval to the securities, the terms of the offering, or the accuracy or completeness of any offering materials or information posted herein. That’s typical for Regulation CF offerings like this one.

Neither Netcapital nor any of its directors, officers, employees, representatives, affiliates, or agents shall have any liability whatsoever arising from any error or incompleteness of fact or opinion in, or lack of care in the preparation or publication of, the materials and communication herein or the terms or valuation of any securities offering.

The information contained herein includes forward-looking statements. These statements relate to future events or to future financial performance, and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors, that may cause actual results to be materially different from any future results, levels of activity, performance, or achievements expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. You should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements since they involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors, which are, in some cases, beyond the company’s control and which could, and likely will, materially affect actual results, levels of activity, performance, or achievements. Any forward-looking statement reflects the current views with respect to future events and is subject to these and other risks, uncertainties, and assumptions relating to operations, results of operations, growth strategy, and liquidity. No obligation exists to publicly update or revise these forward-looking statements for any reason, or to update the reasons actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements, even if new information becomes available in the future.

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  • Jan 26, 2023
    Additonal evidence supports the potential for...

    Additonal evidence supports the potential for Leptin as a viable surrogate biomarker

    Last chance to investLeptin and biomarkers.pdf
  • Dec 10, 2022
    Join us tomorrow: BIOTECH PLANET International...

    Join us tomorrow: BIOTECH PLANET International Conference December 11th, 2022

    Learn about Neurotez
  • Nov 23, 2022
    From the President and CEO, Nikolaos...

    From the President and CEO, Nikolaos Tezapsidis: “I wish all our current and future investors and supporters wonderful and joyful holidays. Thanking you for believing in us and helping us in our efforts to deliver something much needed to all families: a meaningful treatment for Alzheimer’s disease patients and potential preventative for those at risk. God bless.”

  • Oct 13, 2022
    We are pleased to share with you that we are...

    We are pleased to share with you that we are raising additional capital through Netcapital. We have launched a new campaign: We look forward to your support and “spreading the word”.

  • Oct 13, 2022
  • Sep 9, 2022
    We are very delighted to announce the addition...

    We are very delighted to announce the addition of Royston G King to our advisory Board….( Royston G King is a self-made & world-renowned multi-millionaire award-winning 8-figure serial entrepreneur, multiple best-selling author, celebrity socialite media personality, most coveted TEDx & keynote speaker, & world’s leading preeminent philanthropist. Partner & advisor to celebrities, billionaires, royal family brands, billion-dollar brands, public-listed companies, New York Times best-selling authors, social media verified (actors, pro athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, personal brand influencers, etc.), Fortune500, Forbes 1000, Inc5000, & the world’s biggest brands Investor & board of advisor to 100+ companies across hundreds of all types of industries & 6 continents. All with enterprise value surpassing USD $1+ billion.

  • Aug 6, 2021
  • Jun 24, 2021
    Primary offering finalized, selling 126,951 shares
    Sold 126,951 shares at $2 for a total of $253,902
  • Jun 23, 2021
    Thank you to all Neurotez investors and...

    Thank you to all Neurotez investors and Netcapital team for making this a successful campaign. We are much encouraged and will continue our efforts to develop our promising drug for Alzheimer’s, much needed.

  • Jun 3, 2021
  • May 19, 2021
    Neurotez participating at the Clinical Trials...

    Neurotez participating at the Clinical Trials Nexus Series

    Read More
  • May 4, 2021
  • Feb 23, 2021
    #Neurotez envisages opening a French European...

    #Neurotez envisages opening a French European branch in the near future to facilitate the clinical development of it’s assets, including #Memtin. For this, Jerome Delahaye from I/eCreactiv is acting as strategic consultant for Neurotez in “exploring opportunities to partner with French local authorities, European companies and institutes in the areas of financing, R&D, manufacturing …

  • Feb 23, 2021
    Neurotez has been nominated as one of the most...

    Neurotez has been nominated as one of the most innovative companies at the 2021 BIO Digital under the Technologies of Tomorrow category. How to vote for us: (voting begins today, Feb 23)… Vote for “Neurotez” to be recognized as the Buzz of BIO in the Technologies of Tomorrow Category! Cast your vote by February 25 to help us win! Vote Here: @BIOConvention Voting will run from February 23 at 9:00 am ET and close on February 25 at 5:00 pm ET, so spread the word about your company’s participation!

  • Feb 16, 2021
  • Jan 14, 2021
  • Jan 4, 2021
  • Aug 16, 2019
    Primary offering of 1,250,000 shares at $2
  • Feb 26, 2018
    Primary offering finalized, selling 95,209 shares
    Sold 95,209 shares at $1 for a total of $95,209
    See offering
  • Jan 2, 2018
    Primary offering of 107,000 shares at $1

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