Home61 is a tech company dedicated making the home-buying experience easy and enjoyable.

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Home61 aims to reinvent the home buying experience by leveraging technology, and high quality agents, to make buying a home simple and exciting for buyers and more efficient for agents. We are bringing transparency and a high quality experience to our users.

Our agents close 8x more than the market and make 4x more than any other real estate agent.

After years of investing in tech startups, my friend and fellow tech entrepreneur, Olivier Brion, convinced me to diversify my portfolio and allocate some of my investments into real estate. Initially, I felt the rush of a new experience, but logistical problems soon changed my emotions from excitement to frustration. While the investment opportunity was sound, the realtor became difficult to work with, access to information was challenging, making an offer was an arduous process, and the back and forth was very time-consuming. By the end of the day I was angry and unsatisfied. The inefficiency of the closing process was unnecessarily frustrating!

Buying property is one of the biggest investment decisions people make in their lifetime. This experience should be exciting, not nerve racking. I mean you’re buying your new home. Clearly the system was broken. And we had to fix it.

The Home61 Solution

Home61 is a tech-powered brokerage aiming to change the way Real Estate is done Bringing a better experience for clients and providing powerful tools to real estate agents.

All of the data on homes for sale is brought together on a single easy-to-use platform, made available to any and all Home61 clients and agents.

Advanced tools and training provide agents with all the tools they need to find leads, close deals, and give the best home buying experience to their clients.

The Home61 environment generates value for everyone. Buyers and sellers alike, receive simpler and smarter experience. While agents get a streamlined process, of leads and more revenue.

The Market

We are in beginning a complete overhaul of the Real Estate Market with Home61 being our first move. Consumers are frustrated by the lack of transparency in real estate transactions, communication cost, and inconsistency in agent quality. Thanks to Home61’s technological advances in AI, data mining, and algorithms, we are able to provide a better quality customer service experience. Home61 is well positioned to gain an outsized part of the real estate market, going after 75% of one of the biggest markets in the world.

Our client facing technology is well suited for millennials who grew up in a high-tech environment. With millennials approaching the average home-buying age, Home61 is ideally positioned to serve their needs and become their solution of choice.

The American real estate market is the biggest in the world with $2 trillion/year in transactions and over $60 billion in commissions. Miami alone has $25 billion in transactions and $1.2 billion in commissions.

Traditional real estate brokerages are run like a sales team rather than a successful business team. Any money they make is split amongst themselves rather than reinvested into the company. Traditional brokers do not have the technological know how, the marketing, or the funding to operate as we do. Our business brings efficiency to the home buying and selling process through a unique platform of technology, processes, and people.

Success So Far

In our two years of operation, our unit economics have been positive from the start. Furthermore, as we continue to grow, our cost of acquisition has decreased since 30% of our new clients are achieved organically. This is evidence that there is a gap in the market that Home61 is filling.

Home61 has grown our business from 24MM in sales to 44MM last year. Because we are tech company, we track every single event and conversion rate on our system. This means we know our unit economics have been on the rise since day one and our cost of acquisition is falling while we grow.

We have learned that in order to grow, Home61 needs to keep a constant balance between the amount of leads we have and the amount of agents.

Our short-term plan is already in action. By beating the competition 7x to 10x in efficiency, we have been able to grow to be one of the top 50 brokerages in Miami in little time and with few agents.

Our long term plan is to create a trusted brand. By constantly focusing on client satisfaction, we aim to change consumers’ habits from working with just any agent to choosing Home61 for all their real estate needs.

As we grow we see this effect taking place as more and more of our clients come to Home61 organically.

Press Highlights

Notable Investors

Home61 is backed by great investors, angels, and founders from amazing companies.

Business Model

As a brokerage we take a percentage of each transaction. 3% of home value for sales and 5% of yearly rent for rentals. We give 50% of the fee to our agents, which we consider our cost of goods sold. Our agents report that Home61 provides 80% of their income through our lead generation program, proving that our platform works for agents.

Currently our contribution margin is 20% after marketing. As our business scales and we keep increasing our percentage of organic clients, we expect our contribution margin to increase.

Home61 has proven our strategy in our first market, Miami. The technology and processes are built for success throughout the US. As we expand to new cities we will have shared resources for each locality, a Head of City (responsible for the P&L and KPIs in their city), and one Head of Talent to recruit and train our men on the ground.


Experienced founders with multiple exits. Home61 combines top talent in tech and real estate with graduates from top MBA programs from Europe and the USA.

Olivier Grinda

Prior to Home61, Olivier was in Brazil where he successfully transposed and adapted business models in Latin America. Olivier holds a BA from University of Miami.

Olivier Brion

Prior to Home61, Olivier worked at Roomorama as COO where managed all aspect of operations. In 2000 he founded Previsite, now with operations in over 27 countries. During the Internet Bubble years, he was heading the CIC Bank venture arm where he he’s got is interest in Venture funding. Olivier holds an Executive MBA from the prestigious HEC school and is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Florida.

Cyril Carbonnier

Prior to Home61, Cyril had founded or been the CTO for several companies in the Real Estate and Technology sectors.

Bernard Paran
Head of Sales

Prior to Home61, Brian was co-founder of the real estate company Collins International Properties. Brian also worked in finance as a senior portfolio manager, overseeing equities and fixed income accounts, and managing client relationships. Brian is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Florida.

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$10,000 minimum
$1,458 raised

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We plan to use the proceeds of fund raising to open 2 new cities and continue to differentiate our technology from the market .

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Home61 is changing the way consumers find homes by leveraging AI, data mining, algorithms, and high quality agents. With Home61's technology, buyers and agents have access to real-time data in order to make the most informed decisions to find your new home. We make the home buying experience simple and exciting for buyers, and more efficient for agents.

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