Welcome to a new way to buy and sell shares in startups.

For too long investing in startups meant long holding periods and small windows of opportunity. We’re solving that by creating a secondary transfer feature for shares in startups that have done a primary offering on Netcapital.

Netcapital has entered into an exciting new partnership with Rialto Markets LLC (Rialto), a FINRA registered broker-dealer that operates an alternative trading system (ATS). We believe this will open broader markets to people who have invested via the Netcapital Funding Portal.

All orders for secondary transfers will be effected through Rialto going forward. While this transition is being built out, secondary transfer features will be temporarily unavailable. We are hopeful that this will enable access to a larger number of retail, strategic, institutional and financial investors, enriching Netcapital, in partnership with Rialto, as a platform for all.

Thank you for your patience during this exciting period.

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Early Access

More liquidity.
More opportunity.

Current investors can seek to sell shares at a price they choose, giving them the potential for more liquidity and control of their portfolios, either by entering a sell order, or by hitting a standing buy order. New investors can open bids or hit standing offers for shares of companies they believe in, letting them invest early even after an initial raise ends.

A new way to power your portfolio.

With more liquidity, access and control, secondary transfers give you more ways than ever to add potential to your portfolio. It’s the next step in changing how the future is funded.

There are no fees in our early access stage.

Here’s how secondary transfers works.

Easy to sell.

You choose how many shares you want to sell and a price per share.
You can find potential matches with buyers at your price or hit a standing buy order. If you don’t find a buyer, don’t worry. Your shares will stay yours.
When the transaction completes, the shares are transferred and the funds are deposited into your Netcapital wallet.

Easy to buy.

You can see a seller’s open asks on a company’s page. Choose the shares and price you want to buy, and make the transaction using funds in your Netcapital wallet. Don’t see a price you like? You can set the price at which you want to purchase shares, and that price will be shown to potential sellers.

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Currently, only shares sold on Netcapital in a 4(a)(6) offering are eligible for transfer via this secondary transfer feature.

For more information about the secondary transfer process, visit our FAQ.

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