Netcapital Launches Strategic Partnership with Techstars

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Netcapital has formed a strategic partnership with Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Techstars has a portfolio of over 1,000 companies (growing by over 300 per year), 90% of which are still active or have been acquired. Those same companies have raised over $3.8 billion in capital. Through, anyone will be able to invest in companies alongside Techstars.

Netcapital and Techstars will begin with a few select companies and accelerator programs. Currently listed companies are below, and check back often to be the first to hear when new Techstars companies are listed.

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Featured Techstars Offerings

berylline company hero image

Feel the wind on your face again! Berylline is a technology and manufacturing company specializing in small engine hybrid systems and personal transportation. Berylline’s F2A is the industry’s first Hybrid 3-Wheel Scooter targeting the leisure and local commuting market.

swoon-city company hero image

Swoon City is an independent music company looking to turn the music industry on its head. Swoon City's approach is precise: they focus their resources on each and every one of their artists so that no opportunity is left unexplored.

deshyo company hero image

Let’s get back to basics with our social media and reward content creators for their hard work! Deshyo is a content promotion and social media platform that has no algorithm and gives you, the user, all of the control over your content. Find new content through our unique search capabilities and the relationships you trust on Deshyo.

woodpecker company hero image

Woodpecker is a document automation platform that empowers modern law firms to automate and standardize their frequently used legal documents.

sara-health company hero image

SaRA is the Simplifying Recovery Assistant. SaRA can be used for any injury recovery process that uses home exercise recovery plans. We are focusing first and foremost on workers’ compensation because of the direct value and return on investment that can be shown by implementing SaRA. As we move forward, we plan to introduce SaRA to the 15-25 million PT patients in the US, then to the 120 million people who experience musculoskeletal pain on an annual basis in the US alone.

braidy company hero image

Braidy Industries is transforming the technology of materials science with revolutionary, new metals that are stronger than steel and lighter than stainless.

priva company hero image

Priva is a marketplace where passengers book door-to-door regional travel on their own schedules. Priva’s technology platform brokers rides for long-distance black cars and SUVs, as well as Priva’s tailored mobile offices. Priva’s mobile offices are light commercial vans transformed into private, connected spaces that are optimized for productivity and rest during traveling. Additionally, Priva’s technology pairs outbound and return trips to reduce costs and offer the lowest prices in the market.

players-health company hero image

Player’s Health is an insurance company that protects athletes and sports organizations with a risk management platform. To do this, we use an interactive mobile platform designed to allow coaches to quickly and easily document any injury that occurs during practice or games.

rapunzl1 company hero image

When Brian and his team created Rapunzl they had one mission – to empower individuals to invest smarter together. Rapunzl is a web-based community for simulated and live traders to share, discuss, trade, and follow each other’s investments.

phoenix company hero image

Phoenix PharmaLabs (PPL) is a preclinical drug discovery company dedicated to the development of potent, non-addictive treatment for pain and treatments for addiction.

aphios company hero image

Aphios Pharma LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aphios Corporation, is dedicated to the discovery, delivery, development and commercialization of drugs for Central Nervous System (CNS) and other disorders.

involved company hero image

Jacob, John, Caleb, and Chad built a system that allows state representatives to solicit the opinions of their constituents in real time. This civic tech startup from the Boston University Accelerator program is using modern communication technology to improve the way government representatives make decisions.

subba-media company hero image

Mark turned this bedroom blog into a platform for user-generated content about music and festivals. In just a year, Subba has published 6,500 user-generated reviews, and now works directly with the major record labels. Subba has shown success selling custom ad campaigns to a major consumer audio company, while keeping operating costs extremely low, thanks to crowd-sourced, but professionally curated content.