Netcapital Launches Strategic Partnership with Techstars

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Netcapital has formed a strategic partnership with Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Techstars has a portfolio of over 1,000 companies (growing by over 300 per year), 90% of which are still active or have been acquired. Those same companies have raised over $3.8 billion in capital. Through, anyone will be able to invest in companies alongside Techstars.

Netcapital and Techstars will begin with a few select companies and accelerator programs. Currently listed companies are below, and check back often to be the first to hear when new Techstars companies are listed.

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Featured Techstars Offerings

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SaRA is the Simplifying Recovery Assistant. SaRA can be used for any injury recovery process that uses home exercise recovery plans. We are focusing first and foremost on workers’ compensation because of the direct value and return on investment that can be shown by implementing SaRA. As we move forward, we plan to introduce SaRA to the 15-25 million PT patients in the US, then to the 120 million people who experience musculoskeletal pain on an annual basis in the US alone.