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Since this is your first time investing with Netcapital, it’s important that you read and understand the information below.

Investing is risky

Investing in early stage companies is risky business. You should be in a financial condition where you can comfortably afford to lose your entire investment. You should always be aware of your personal investment limits.

Do your research

Although we collect information on each company we list, you must rely on your own examination of the company, the terms of the offering, and the risks involved to make your investment decision.

Canceling your investment

You may cancel your investment until 4pm EDT on May 13, 2017, which is 48 hours before the deadline of this offering. If there is a material change to the terms of this offering, we’ll provide notification, and you must confirm your commitment within five days or it will be automatically withdrawn.

Reselling your investment in VirZOOM

It may be difficult to resell your shares of VirZOOM. You may not transfer these securities until one year after they are issued, except under very specific circumstances. Even after the one year holding period, these securities may be difficult to resell.

Returns on your investment

VirZOOM may be years away from providing a return on investment, if ever. During that time, your ownership may be diluted, and your voting power may be limited.

Ongoing reporting

VirZOOM is required by the SEC to file an annual report on their financial condition, unless certain conditions are met. After the close of this offering there may not be an ongoing relationship between VirZOOM and Netcapital.

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Most investors hold shares as themselves. If you have a holding entity for your investments, we’ll need additional documents from you that prove that you are authorized to make investments.

We need to collect some additional information to comply with banking rules. This information is encrypted before it leaves your computer, and it will only be shared on a need-to-know basis, typically for tax and recordkeeping purposes. It isn’t typically visible to most of the people working at Netcapital.

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We need to collect your tax identification number (usually an EIN) to comply with banking rules. For security, it is encrypted before it leaves your computer, and it will only be shared on a need-to-know basis.

Are you a director or officer of VirZOOM?

Directors and officers of VirZOOM have no limit on the amount they may invest in VirZOOM. If you select 'Yes', we will contact you by email for proof of your status prior to processing your investment.

The amount of money you may invest in VirZOOM is limited by law, based on a combination of your income and net worth. We’re required to collect those numbers to calculate your personal limit.

What’s your annual income?
What’s your net worth?

The amount of money may invest in VirZOOM is limited by law, based on a combination of your holding entity’s revenue and net assets as of the end of its last fiscal year. We’re required to collect those numbers to calculate ’s limit.

What was annual revenue?
What was the value of net assets?
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We don’t (yet) support investing using a credit card. Almost all credit card processors have restrictions explicitly prohibiting the purchase of securities using a credit card. We’re working hard to allow you to be able to invest using a credit card in the future.

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Investing in a privately held company is a complex transaction, which we try to simplify as much as possible. It’s still important that you understand the underlying contracts and that you have considered whether investing in this type of security is right for you.

You’re investing under exemption 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act of 1933. This transaction will be processed by Netcapital Funding Portal, Inc., a registered funding portal.

You’re investing under Rule 506(c) of the Regulation D safe harbor for Section 4(a)(2) of the Securities Act of 1933. This transaction will be processed by Livingston Securities, LLC, a registered broker-dealer.

You may be listed publicly as an investor in this offering.

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