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JustHuynh is a social fitness platform that helps people just win by training together in achieving their fitness goals. People can workout with others nearby for needed accountability and motivation to stay healthy and happy.

Founder and CEO personally went thru college freshman 15 and corporate desk job weight gains without prioritizing health until his doctor diagnosed him as obese. From then on, the Founder has prioritized exercise and nutrition to thrive at life personally, professionally, academically, and athletically.

Founder noticed that many gym goers were just showing up “checking the box” then quitting their New Year resolution as quick as one month. Speaking with quitters and the unmotivated revealed that they are all looking for training partners who they can share their fitness journey with.

Currently, there are Meetups or Running Groups that help people initially start. However, it's easy for people to start but hard to develop a habit of exercise thus people quit. JustHuynh’s initial app release allows people to confidently match and chat with compatible partners nearby so they can count on someone to train together at a specified time, place, and activity.

Consumer applications are hard and no right Founding team has been strong enough to connect with the over 400 million people worldwide affected with diabetes that are looking for a social fitness application. As a fitness entrepreneur and martial artist, Founder Francis Huynh has a strong founding team of developers, marketers, early adopters, and influencers ready to raise awareness of our social fitness platform.

The Market

As a social fitness platform, the monetization opportunities are tremendous with strong network effect thru advertisements, premium subscription features, and revenue sharing with gyms/personal trainers. With people comfortable in sharing (i.e. Uber and AirBnB), JustHuynh is coming at the perfect time for people to share their time with others for accountability and motivation in achieving their fitness goals. The more engaged the users, the bigger the business opportunity.

The larger societal trend is that many people are starting to prioritize health as social media influencers, sports stars, and fitness brands are stressing that anyone can exercise - you don’t have to be an Olympian or Professional Athlete.

In the United States, the market for college students attending a 1500+ enrollment university is 15 million and there are 55 million people with gym memberships - thus TAM is 70 million. 80% of gym members don’t use their memberships so the serviceable market is at least 56 million in the United States.

JustHuynh will differentiate thru gamification and community support that helps people follow thru with their fitness goals instead of just showing up once and then quitting the moment they feel unmotivated.

Q & A

How do you plan to find a fit between your product and market?

We are excited to have at least 5 gyms in Boston area as early adopters - each with about 4,000 members. We’ll be able to find product-market fit thru user feedback as app is rolled out in the Boston community and beyond.

How are you measuring progress?

Metrics we’ll pay attention to are matches, average session time, sessions per day, and screen usage. Progress are measured using analytics on the backend of data.

What have you learned?

Our team has validated people’s pain of difficulty finding workout partners who can hold each other accountable and motivated by being accepted into StartupGrind and Collision startup programs. Users in Silicon, New Orleans, and people from all the world are ready to start achieving their fitness goals more effectively thru our platform. In addition, Francis has pitched in Boston at E-Net, Boston TechBreakfast, and Boston New Technologists demo day events where users again expressed excitement that a solution to their problem is available.

How do you plan to beat the competition in the short-term? In the long-term?

In the short-term, we plan to beat the competition by delivering exceptional experience to early adopter gyms and universities for viral effect to take place. In addition, Founder is connected with social influencers in NBA athletes and Olympians who will be amazing ambassadors of social fitness.

In the long-term, with sufficient funding and generated revenue, we will market thru advertisements to build strong network effects globally.

How are you promoting the company?

Boston TechBreakfast: https://youtu.be/XgF_4aIrNxI

Boston New Technologies: https://youtu.be/CkrHCJHYjV0

NBA All-star Tobias Harris will be working with Francis, promoting JustHuynh.

Have you had any well-known customers?

Early adopters are YMCA as we both share social mission of diabetes prevention.

What sort of case studies do you have?

What other details are important about the quality of your product?

  • Matching algorithm will continually be improved to recommend most compatible partners based on preferred workout location and partner demographics
  • UI/UX provide navigation ease

What’s your roadmap (without any promises)?

  • Initial MVP has matching and chatting capabilities for people to connect with workout partners. The remaining roadmap will leverage gamification and community support to ensure people follow thru on their fitness goals

Who are your most well-known advisors?

  • Bruce Lynskey: entrepreneur in diabetic fitness space
  • Dawn Iacobucci: Vanderbilt Owen marketing professor with experience in social networks and growth marketing
  • Germain Boer: Vanderbilt Owen entrepreneurship professor with experience in health and fitness - a benefit of Nashville
  • Robert Raymond: industry leading fitness business coach. Background in athletic performance and holistic health. Founder and President of Achieve Fitness

Business Model

JustHuynh is focusing primarily on growth, but anticipates the business model for monetization will include:

  • Revenue share (new members and repeat customers) with gyms and personal trainers
  • Premium subscription
  • Advertisements

Volume pricing is available for Enterprise clients.


Our team came together as Founder identified developers with experience in social matching applications with particular passion for fitness and rest of team with experience in their roles with a passion for fitness as well. The founding team consists of the Founder, developers, social media marketers, and business development who will be positioned to lead company to success.

In the past month after going thru 1,000 AngelList inbound applicants for volunteer positions. The team size is 13 - composed of the Founder, contract developers, and volunteer teammates in development, marketing, and business development. The Founder is only full-time teammate.

The team is skilled in mobile application development, social media and content marketing, sales operation, analytics, and leadership. We are looking for more experienced developers, marketers, and business development.

Founder and 3 developers have known each other since February 2017. The rest of the team has joined since June 2017. This is the first time everyone has worked together in remote team spanning global timezones.

Francis Huynh
Founder & CEO

I'm a 1st generation college-graduate born and raised in Maine from parents who came over after Vietnam War as boat people after serving time in re-education camp. In 2016 after marrying the love of my life and completing MBA education from the fittest/brightest university in the world (Vanderbilt), I turned down lucrative career opportunities to pursue my passion for global health as there are over 400 million people worldwide with diabetes. Obesity is personal, as I went thru the college freshman 15 and corporate desk job weight gains. My life changed when my doctor diagnosed me as obese. From that moment, I started prioritizing my exercise and nutrition - realizing that fitness provides benefits of benefits that allow anyone to thrive instead of just surviving at life. Healthier and happier, I was able to meet and marry the love of my life, completed MBA from Vanderbilt, gained experienced from some of the most respected organizations, and now excited to work with strong founding team of 20+ volunteer fitness passionate superstars in launching a social fitness platform that will connect people with others nearby to just win at achieving their fitness goals by training together for the needed accountability and motivation. My goal in life is to help as many people in the world live healthier and happier. Let's Go!

Vikas Nayyar
Lead iOS Developer

Vikas has experience with fitness and health applications and passionate about social fitness.

Nancy Thakkar
Lead Android Developer

Nancy’s number 1 passion is mobile application development. She is excited to team up in helping people achieve their fitness goals with amazing user experience.

Ishaani Goyal
Social Media and Content Marketing

Ishaani attends one of the top entrepreneurship schools in the country - a Babson 2019 student. With a strong understanding of the college and gym market demographics, Ishaani will grow Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Helpful content will be communicated via Blog and Vlog (YouTube).

Xiao Liang

Xiao graduated from Indiana University in 2017 in human computer interaction and health informatics. She has deep experience with health previously working on heart rate bracelet for the elderly. At GOAL, Xiao drove the UI/UX to optimize people’s behavioral change for improved exercise and nutrition. Xiao personally works out 5x/week.

Donald Sarra
Product Management

Donald attends Boston University class of 2018 majoring in math and economics. He has data analytics experience and connected with early adopter communities of gyms, universities, companies, and athletic brands to help position JustHuynh to solve their problems.

Eric Chen
Human Resources

Eric graduated from University of Washington in 2017 in finance and human resources. He has experience in HR analytics and will help recruit college marketing and sales ambassadors as well as cultivate high-performing and satisfied internal team.

Be a Part of JustHuynh

This is an offering of Common Stock, under registration exemption 4(a)(6), in JustHuynh Inc.. This offering must raise at least $10,000 by December 2, 2017 at 4:00pm ET. If this offering doesn’t reach its target, then your money will be refunded. JustHuynh may issue additional securities to raise up to $107,000, the offering’s maximum.

If the offering is successful at raising the maximum amount, then the company’s implied valuation after the offering (sometimes called its post-money valuation) will be:

8,356,666 shares × $0.30 per share = $2,507,000 implied valuation

Pitch Deck



With over 400 million people worldwide with diabetes, huge demand for workout partners who can provide accountability and motivation.

Strong founding team who can deliver exceptional user experience and value for investors thru monetization.

Comfort of sharing economy (i.e. Uber, AirBnB) and heightened prioritization for health makes social fitness the perfect time in helping people comfortable share their time with others to just win by training together in achieving their fitness goals.

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