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ContentOro helps brands attract and engage customers online by offering the first high-quality, ready-made source of written and illustrated content.

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Introducing ContentOro

ContentOro revolutionizes the way brands acquire content for marketing online. We partner with the world’s best publishers to systematically transform the contents of their books into hundreds of articles designed to come alive on the internet to power marketing campaigns.

Founder Bob Chunn had the idea for ContentOro while leading marketing and advertising for a national retailer that needed to attract customers to its website. He was paying a hefty fee, and the content wasn’t very good. Back then, there were only two choices to create content:

  • Pay for an expensive freelancer while hoping they knew enough about the topic to write something good.
  • Try to get the articles written in-house, which distracts marketing teams from other tasks.

Bob knew there had to be a better way.

He knew from working at Borders that there was better content than what was being used on the internet, but it was all trapped in books. So he teamed up with Yalcin Yanikoglu, a software engineer with decades of experience designing solutions for printers and publishers.


Yalcin created amazing software for ContentOro that systematically creates complete, illustrated articles from books.

Using the machine learning tools we’ve created, ContentOro is able to reshape book content for the internet quickly and efficiently, regardless of its complexity, and deliver it to any website or device, regardless of platform.

ContentOro is the only company to license high-quality content from books to businesses on an exclusive basis, making any business an expert on any topic so it can attract qualified customers.

The Opportunity

Creating entertaining and informative articles for the web is a huge business, currently $160 billion per year and growing. But the need far outweighs the supply.

Digital marketers are starving for content, because brands depend on it to engage their audiences on the internet. According to Nielson, people aged 18 to 34 spend more of their time each day online than they do watching television, by a margin of 39% to 29%.

According to Marketo’s 2016 survey, content creation is the #1 concern of marketers. In the past, the only options were to pay freelance writers or use the resources of an internal marketing department.

There is no dominant written content provider today; the opportunity is open.

Advertising Is Changing

Brands are searching for new methods to carry their messages to consumers to sell their products. TV, radio and direct mail continue to decline in advertising productivity as more and more people turn to the internet for their information and entertainment. Content Marketing on the web leverages information to engage an audience who is likely to buy their product or service. Google, Hubspot, Facebook and Twitter all depend on this content and brands use of it on their platform. We use books, which contain enough information to triple the size of the internet, as an on-demand source, disrupting the $160B industry that creates content for the internet.

The Opportunity Is Now

Traditional advertising: billboards, radio, and TV, are quickly being replaced by internet advertising, and Content Marketing is the fastest growing and largest portion of that. Brands are just now figuring out how to leverage content on the internet. As a reference point, Pandora just launched Audio for Business, which allows businesses to license audio from musicians for their marketing.

The Opportunity Is Growing

16% of retail is conducted on the internet, and it’s growing every day. The other 84% is up for grabs, and our bet is that much of the rest will also land online. Marketing and advertising dollars flow with sales, so there is likely an equally large upside that would positively affect ContentOro.

Addressable Market

ContentOro serves three channels, each one full of opportunity. We project $100 million in revenue in 5 years.

What Makes Us Different?

ContentOro’s competition creates content by writing it, from scratch. It takes time, is expensive and limits brands’ ability to participate in faster-moving conversations on the internet. It’s time for an on-demand, already created source!

Why Invest In ContentOro?

  • Highly experienced and qualified team
  • Current customers with proven results
  • Low level investment with a potential for fast growth and high returns
  • Annual recurring revenue model
  • 36% projected EBITDA margin in 2020, growing to 53% by 2022

Success So Far


We are helping brands benefit from our content every day, with increased traffic, pageviews, time on site, and more, all for about 1/10th the cost of AdWords. Our growing client list includes enterprise-sized companies from the U.S. and around the world.

Customers are coming back for more content and renewing at a very high rate because we deliver an experience that gets results.

A Sample of Customer Results:

  • 258% increase in pages viewed per session
  • 145% increase in time on site
  • 76% of visitors are new acquisitions
  • 54.5% of visitors are new from search engines like Google
  • 1/10 the cost of Google AdWords (estimate)
  • 16% increase in traffic in 10 weeks

Current Customers Include:

We’ve learned that businesses are just now learning how to do content marketing, and although we’ve had early success, much more is right around the corner. Our CEO, Bob Chunn has been a CMO and held other high-level digital and traditional marketing positions at large organizations. The problems our customers have are largely the same as the problems he has had to deal with.

In the short term, ContentOro is selling directly to enterprise businesses and teaching them to be better content marketers through education…delivered through content marketing.

Learn More: Customer Case Studies

Publisher Partners

Book Publishing is a strong $151 billion industry. We’ve established partnerships with the world’s best publishers, giving us exclusive access to hundreds of millions of articles for digital marketing purposes.

Current Publishers:


  • Winner, Startup of the Year, University of Michigan Venture Capital Investment Competition 2015
  • Semi-Finalist, Accelerate Michigan 2015
  • Winner, Best Business Model, New Enterprise Forum, 2016
  • Winner, Innovation Award, Michigan Celebrates Small Business, 2016
  • Finalist, Startup of the Year, Eastern Michigan University Business of the Year 2016
  • Semi-Finalist, Accelerate Michigan 2016
  • Semi-Finalist, Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship Challenge 2016
  • Winner, University Of Michigan Venture Capital Investment Competition 2016
  • Finalist, Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship Challenge 2017
  • Finalist, Michigan Growth Capital Symposium 2017
  • Semi-Finalist, Google Demo Days Detroit 2017

News Coverage

Press Releases

Business Model

ContentOro’s business model involves the licensing of articles derived from books for content marketing use on an annual renewable basis. 20-25% of this licensing income is then shared with the publishers, who supply the books.

Currently, we are licensing article libraries at an average value of $12,000 per library per year. In the future, once we have established an automated self-service article marketplace, we expect to be selling a large number of individual articles.

ContentOro has a number of active clients, including some household name, enterprise-size customers. We will continue to sell directly to customers as well as through third-party suppliers, who act as ContentOro’s sales agents. Our current customer retention rate is high, indicating satisfaction in our product.

ContentOro uses content marketing to attract customers by reaching out to a large number of marketing executives on a weekly basis, supplying useful and relevant digital marketing information, webinars, downloads, and white papers.


ContentOro has an exceptional team of executives that come together from years of experience working in publishing, digital marketing, and technology; the three core components of our business.

Most members of our leadership team have worked with other members through years of experience in retail marketing and publishing. Each member is, in their own experience, an innovator who has launched products and/or companies on a large and small scale. They each see opportunities, test, analyze and change direction quickly when needed.

Our leadership team is greatly experienced in building high performing teams, training and integrating new members, and communicating vision, strategy and tactics. We all work towards a common goal and feel comfortable challenging each other, including the CEO.

Bob Chunn
Founder and CEO

Bob has been a successful marketing executive for several leading retailers, including Borders Books and Music, leading large teams and complicated marketing systems. He developed expertise launching new products while using the latest in digital marketing techniques, and he’s been a publisher as well. Bob’s greatest skill is creating and communicating vision and rallying great teams to execute it.

Yalcin Yanikoglu
Chief Technology Officer

Yalcin is a multi-faceted systems and software engineer who works across a wide array of disciplines. He brings specific experience creating solutions to deal with the complexity of text, tables, and images from millions of books. In addition to solving a problem the $150 billion publishing industry failed to solve, his software is still used at most of the largest printers in the world as well as Adobe, Xerox and IBM.

Rod Hare
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Rod Hare is a longtime publishing and licensing executive and entrepreneur, bringing to the table decades of experience executing complicated product launches and business strategies, including Microsoft's Encarta Dictionary and the building of worldwide publishing brand, Dorling Kindersley. He has extensive relationships in the publishing industry, and brings an international perspective to the ContentOro opportunity. Rod is also a Chartered Accountant and an investor in the business.

Candace Chapman
VP of Marketing

Candace has 20+ years experience in B2C and B2B marketing, from small VC-funded tech companies to large enterprise corporations like Borders. Her unique mix of marketing, sales, and training experience makes her highly suited to the lean and agile environment at ContentOro. She is master of both creative vision and execution.

Sean Moore
Chief Content Officer

Sean is a successful book publisher and international rights manager, and was Publisher at Dorling Kindersley, a world renowned illustrated book publisher. He later founded Moseley Road publishing, worked with large publishers like Random House and Simon & Schuster, and sold directly to retailers like Borders and Barnes & Noble. His knowledge of and connections in the international book market has allowed ContentOro to quickly establish agreements with the world's best and largest publishers.


Andreas Ramos advises ContentOro on Internet related matters, especially related to Google Search. Andreas is an author and internationally known SEO and digital marketing expert who has worked at SGI, SUN, and other leading companies. He has contributed to over 25 startups, co-founded two digital agencies, was a director at Acxiom, and Manager of Global SEO at Cisco. Andreas was also the analytics strategist for Stanford’s MBA school. He currently manages worldwide digital advertising for MIT OpenCourseWare (in 14 languages), and Harvard medical school’s research hospital (in 42 languages).

Chuck Newman is the first investor in ContentOro and serves as the Chairman of the Board. Chuck is a serial entrepreneur, having founded more companies than he can easily count. Two of the more famous were ReCellular, the first cell phone recycling company, which had a run rate of over $50M in sales, and the first computer store in Michigan.

Future Opportunities

Google is orienting its future in the same direction as ContentOro, and spending billions to do it. Their business depends on their ability to deliver the best quality answer to their customer’s question, which gets asked through a Google search. The most powerful brand in the world, who controls more than 65% of all web traffic, is focused on quality content, and that is exactly what we deliver, en masse. Below are two major opportunities that we are working on.

Self-Serve Marketplace (2019)

We intend to create the first marketplace of content, like Getty Images did for photography. Our marketplace will contain fully illustrated articles and a search mechanism to easily find and ‘buy’ them for use the same day. According to Marketo’s study, content is the number of need of marketers today, and we intend to offer it on-demand for the first time.

International Markets (2021)

Content doesn’t stop with English. We have the connections to expand to markets where English is a second language, English language is spoken in foreign markets, and International language markets.

Become a part of ContentOro

By becoming an investor in ContentOro, you will be joining a company dedicated to improving the online experience of our customers (and, in turn, their customers) by supplying the highest quality information on the internet. We would like you to join us in the journey, and spread the word about what ContentOro is doing to your colleagues, friends and families.

ContentOro sends regular shareholder reports on our progress, and we are always available to answer any shareholder questions at any time.

This is a side-by-side offering of Common Stock, under registration exemptions 4(a)(6) and 506(c), in ContentOro Inc.. Up to $106,974 may be raised under the 4(a)(6) exemption. Netcapital will determine which exemption applies to your investment and notify you before you complete your investment.

The amount raised under the two exemptions must total at least $10,000 by December 23, 2017 at 4:00pm ET. If the total doesn’t reach its target, then your money will be refunded. ContentOro may issue additional securities to raise up to $1,069,740, the offering’s maximum.

If the side-by-side offering is successful at raising the maximum amount, then the company’s implied valuation after the offering (sometimes called its post-money valuation) will be:

2,611,135 shares × $2.52 per share = $6,580,060 implied valuation

Pitch Deck



ContentOro has been successful at raising capital in stages of its growth from bootstrapping to pre-seed funding, seed funding, and through a convertible note. Equity funds raised to date totals $564,351. In addition, $900,000 was raised through a convertible note which has now been converted to Preferred Stock.

At the present time, ContentOro has sufficient cash to meet its immediate financial obligations, but intends to raise cash through this current offering and further funds in 2018.


  • Experienced and professional team who have launched businesses, created and led teams, and have decades of experience in the core disciplines of ContentOro.
  • A massive market with no clear leader provides opportunity for fast growth
  • Proven customer results that ContentOro content generates and keeps more leads who are more engaged
  • Agreements with the world's best publishers
  • Unique proprietary software that systematically converts books to articles by the millions and provides a new source of content for the internet

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