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Bitesize helps companies drive sales with interactive text message conversations.

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Introducing Bitesize

Bitesize brings fun and entertaining bitesize content to consumers everywhere. With Bitesize, brands can have an interactive conversation with any consumer of their choice, build a meaningful relationship, and drive sales. Today’s consumers crave for something far more meaningful than a personalized email or webpage - they crave for real conversations with the brand. For a long time, scaling personal interactions was nearly impossible. With Bitesize, marketers can finally provide a genuine 1-on-1 conversation experience to millions of consumers.

In early 2014, now Bitesize founder Jessica Lee was a community organizer like Barack Obama used to be. In order to bring people to political marches, she needed a powerful way to beat the noise on newspapers and Facebook and directly speak to their heart. The task at hand was especially important because Jessica was fighting for her own cause, being an undocumented immigrant fighting for a path to citizenship. She bowed to find a powerful way of reaching people that has never been done before. The result is an entirely new kind of text messaging platform.

Once a tool made for political causes, Bitesize is now at the frontline of transforming mobile marketing space with brands such as Universal Studios, Legendary Entertainment, Eaze, and DoorDash, in addition to past political clients such as Planned Parenthood, California Governor Jerry Brown, Stones' Phones, and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, and Sierra Club.

Marty Stone
Partner, Stones' Phones
“Bitesize is a text messaging platform, but it is unlike any previous texting communication platform. Campaigns and companies can easily start conversations with targets on a large scale.”

Bitesize overcomes two important challenges in text message marketing - data and context. Until now, text message marketing was known to be spammy and robotic. Brands would often send the same text messages to consumers, without being able to know where they were at the time of receiving the text message and what they were interested in receiving. Bitesize brings context into text marketing by profiling the phone numbers of over 30% US mobile users. We allow brands to target exactly the right audience based on the person’s interest and location.

Bitesize is not just a text messaging company. Bitesize is changing the face of mobile marketing. We are retrofitting a medium that was traditionally for archaic customer support and reinventing it as the next form of digital media. Join us.

A Message From The Founder

The Market

Text messaging is the next new channel for marketers whose performance is plateauing on ad networks, google Ads, and Facebook. Bitesize is not competing with traditional SMS markets whose usage is limited to mass texting and customer support. Bitesize is targeting digital marketers at brands and agencies whose goal is to bring new revenue through digital and mobile channels. The total available market for traditional SMS marketing is relatively small compared to mobile marketing. Traditional SMS marketing is often designed for retention and is considered a cost center, whereas mobile marketing is designed for revenue generation. Bitesize text messages are mobile marketing messages that bring revenue to the brand.

In 2014, premium A2P (Application to Phone) and P2A (Phone to Application) messaging market was $55B, and it is projected to reach $71B by 2021. Out of the world’s total 7.4B mobile connections, 3.6B are associated with not-smartphones meaning text message still reaches almost twice as many customers as any other mobile marketing medium. However, only 16% of all SMS exchanges in the world are with businesses, leaving an ample opportunity for Bitesize to expand text marketing. Bitesize is the first mover in this space.

There are 2 types of solutions currently available in the market: one-on-one messaging system (Hustle, Sonar) and mass texting system (ezText, Reply Yes). None of these solutions tackle the heart of the problem: ability to scale one-on-one interaction and generate revenue through that personal interaction. Bitesize helps B2C brands reach new audience, increase conversion, and drive revenue.

Success So Far

Bitesize’s private beta launched in June 2016 with an aim to gather initial user feedback and data.

Our SaaS metrics:

  • 6 weeks sales cycle achieved
  • 5:1 CAC to LTV ratio achieved
  • $25k average deal size
  • 6 months payback period
  • Featured on GigaOm in 4Q 2016
  • Graduated from 500 Startups Accelerator in 2Q 2016

Bitesize is a powerful peer-to-peer text messaging platform and layer that enables brands to have millions of conversations in minutes. Our platform groups and displays replies by their content, so that you can reply to multiple people at once. Bitesize is fully TCPA compliant. Bitesize is a manual texting platform that does not require opt-in, making it easier to build relationship with consumers.

Business Model

Bitesize uses a simple Saas delivery and annual pricing model.

Pricing tiers are based on:

  • Number of Text Messages
  • Number of Contacts

Volume pricing is available for Enterprise clients.


Jessica Lee
Founder and CEO

Jessica is a technical founder and CEO of Bitesize. As a former national community organizer, she has a first hand understanding of digital marketing and communication at a large scale. She was featured on Inc Magazine and USA Today for her work. She founded Bitesize on a mission to scale genuine human interactions. She is backed by 500 Startups, one of the most prestigious funds from Silicon Valley. Jessica holds a dual B.S. in Physics and Political Science from Bryn Mawr College.

Joseph Hendren

Joe leads sales at Bitesize. He has an in-depth experience in MarTech with a focus on Identity Management and Marketing Automation where he saw there was a significant untapped marketing channel of SMS that has yet to be appropriately leveraged. He is excited to help shape the future of SMS messaging for marketing teams to connect with customers all across the globe. He grew up in Southern California as a competitive soccer player. After dipping his toe in Real Estate, he moved to San Francisco to pursue a passion in tech and in sales. Interesting fact: Joe has licences in Real Estate, Mortgages, and Personal Training.

Be a Part of Bitesize

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