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4Gen Technology Group, Inc.

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4Gen Technology Group is solving critical military training deficiencies by combining innovative technological solutions with tactical and operational expertise.


Anti-Tank missiles are expensive. So expensive in fact, that many militaries do not train with their Anti-Tank weapons systems. Even in the US Armed Forces, many Anti-Tank Missile Crewmen’s only experience firing a live missile is in actual combat. Anti-tank live missile training is one of the biggest training deficiencies for US Forces and our allies.


The TOWMATE allows soldiers to train and practice using the TOW missile system more frequently and at a drastically reduced cost. This eliminates a significant operational deficiency of numerous militaries world-wide.

TOWMATE is an in-bore training device for the TOW heavy anti-tank missile. The device is a match-grade bolt action in-bore internally recoiled rifle that fires NATO standard .50 caliber ammunition and/or SLAP-T. It forces TOW gunners to acquire and engage targets on a live-fire range in a manner nearly identical to firing an actual missile. The device is also equipped with an anti-tank weapons effect simulator that replicates the blast and obscuration that occurs when firing a live missile.


There are over 15,000 TOW missile platforms in service both in the U.S. and abroad. It is a part of the arsenal for fifty militaries worldwide.

Competitive Landscape

We have no known competitors. The device is patented in the US. Aside from simulators or laser-based systems, the only substitute is the current cost-prohibitive method of firing missiles during crew training certification.

Business Model

4Gen Technology Group generates revenue through direct sales to both domestic and foreign customers complemented with customer logistics, support. and training. In some countries, we will require the assistance of an agent to facilitate transactions.


We have already received serious interest from the US Army, the US Army National Guard, Egyptian Military, and Saudi Arabian Military. Experts at the US Army’s Bradley Master Gunner School have advised 4Gen throughout product development. We will approach each customer concurrently, demonstrate the device at a time/place of their choosing, and proceed with sales.

Success so Far

Marketing and Data Visualization

Brown Brothers Harriman tasked us with helping develop a tool used by their marketing team for creating reports, and analyzing data across dozens of data sources in a concise and easy to understand manner.

Predictive Analytics

4Gen is working with leadership across Warner Bros. to develop predictive analytics tools they will use to help guide future business decisions.


Our team of three possess over 35 combined years of military experience and operational expertise combined with a high level of business and engineering acumen.

Jacob Clifton
Chief Executive Officer

Jacob served in the Marine Corps for 5 years and worked as a member of the technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory on rapid prototyping projects for the government and government sponsors. His background in electrical engineering specifically on military tech combined with positions at VC firms and Hedge funds along with his passion for this space positions him well to lead 4Gen to success. MBA from Booth, MS in EE from BU, BS in EE from UIUC.

While working full-time and going to school full-time he managed to support and care for his mother as she suffered with pancreatic cancer all while raising his twin boys. He successfully finished his master’s while taking care of her, all while being promoted at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Timothy Doran
Lead Consultant/Business Development/ System and Training

Tim is a retired Marine Armor Officer with decades of experience in training and employing armor and anti-armor systems. He is an expert in government contracting and the execution of foreign military sales with associated logistical support. He has an extensive network both in the US and abroad that will immediately add value to 4Gen’s efforts.

William Dix
Chief of Operations

Will spent 6 years with the US Navy specializing in leading teams through counter-piracy training and maritime security operations. He coordinated bi-lateral training exercises with international militaries, including United Arab Emirates, Philippines and Kuwait. Upon finishing his career with the Navy, he earned a master’s degree from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Chicago while participating in an entrepreneurship fellowship and serving as the Chief of Operations for a healthcare startup. Most recently, he spent time as an associate for the M&A group at Aon, conducting due diligence and post-deal integration for deals ranging from $8mm to $360mm.

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